Throughout 2016 and for years to come, millions of refugees will flee war-torn nations looking for safety. Millions of migrants will leave economically depressed countries looking for work. The “Great Migration” trend the Trends Research Institute identified in 2011 was ignored by the media and ridiculed by politicians. Five years later, those same politicians and presstitutes are still unaware of and unprepared for the effects of the Great Migration from the Middle East and North Africa.

Trend Forecast: The
human waves will grow. Country after country will support closing borders and restricting new entrants. Root causes will continue to be ignored, and migration/immigration policy will remain hot-button issues, particularly in North American and European political campaigns.


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After the latest islamic terror attack on America now in Cali. Interestingly Trump running for President realizes the first job of a President of the office for which he seeks is to first keep Legal citizens safe - clearly job #1, no question about it. So, he is getting standing ovations on his solution at least temporary in calling to stop the flow of the "wave" of Muslims at least until the criminals in Washington can figure it out...to me that rings true and necessary due to the actual wars being waged by the insane in Washington against innocents, however, that is not what we hear on it by the brainwashed and the brainwashers such as the freaks at MSNBC, CNN, Lady Lyndsay Grahm Crackers, Hitlery, Insane McCain and others who are calling Trump a racist un-American and worse...have a listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ahf1iCQhwQg
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Stuey...the opposing nitwits needed something to strike back with to prop their abysmal polls. So the one thing they got on him was 'Racism'. And they are gonna blow it out so big, its gonna look really ridiculous. These F@#* wits at the media, think people are stupid and dont know any different and cant think for themselves. Gerald is right, this shit has gone on long enough...the MotherF@#*#^s in the white house, Media, banks, pharma etc are in for a real treat by the end of this decade. This century hasnt witnessed civil war on a global scale, not for the last few hundred years. Its coming, and guess whos on top of that hit list! Somebody's gotta pay! Somebody's gotta go to jail and somebody/s gonna get hurt real bad. And this time round it aint us the people. We are 99%...these F@#*ers are 1%. Do the math.
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Do you know there is going to be a civil war in the corrupt Eu, we in the uk are going to have a referendum on the eu, there will not be a eu by the time we get a vote on it? Terry Shead uk