With governments around the world ordering the shut down of schools, businesses, and cultural events combined with mandatory home sheltering, close to one billion people were confined to their homes over the weekend.

On Sunday, Italy banned people from exercising outside, running, and cycling.

In the U.S., where some 80 million people are being forced to stay home, the most serious health risks from coronavirus won’t be flu symptoms. Instead, they will be increased strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, anxiety, and arthritis resulting from lack of exercise and binge eating.

With gyms closing and millions of Americans moving around much less, the obesity epidemic, linked to more than 60 chronic diseases and which kills nearly three million U.S. citizens a year, will get even worse.

Harvey Spevak, the owner of dozens of gyms and the executive chairman of New York-based Equinox Group, said in a statement, “Many of our members have been asking us to stay open as an outlet to manage stress and anxiety, but with health concerns paramount, we will temporarily close all Equinox locations.”

That statement speaks volumes. The “health concerns” of coronavirus, pontificated from high political leaders who are putting the society in “lockdown,” will likely cause more health issues than the virus itself.

What there is clear evidence for is that as waistlines continue to expand, America, as the Trends Journal has reported for years, is “Ready to Explode.”

Fat Chance

According to a report last December in The New England Journal of Medicine, by 2030, nearly half of all American adults will be obese and nearly one in four will be severely obese.

Lack of exercise and the overeating of unhealthy foods, promoted continuously throughout media, are the main causes of the American obesity epidemic. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only one in four U.S. adults and one in five high school students meet the minimum recommended guidelines for physical activity.

Now, in lockdown, physical activity rates will continue to diminish.

In addition to obesity, low levels of physical activity contribute to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some kinds of cancer, at an estimated cost of $117 billion annually in health care.

Already, evidence is showing that forced “shelter at home” orders are resulting in Americans trying to soothe their anxieties by eating more so-called “comfort foods,” which are for the most part non-nutritious, and, in many cases, outright unhealthy.

In the U.S., even before the extra stress levels caused by the current lockdowns, foods such as chocolate, ice cream, popcorn, and potato chip sales saw huge increases in the first week of March. According to the research firm Nielsen, in addition to snack food purchases soaring, Americans stocked up on pastries, which generated a nearly 20 percent spike in sales.

TREND FORECAST: Over eating, particularly unhealthy snack foods, will further increase as Americans are forced to “shelter in place.”

As people sit around being fed fear and anxiety by the news coming out of their giant screen TVs, laptops, iPads, and smartphones, they will likely resort to eating increased amounts of snack foods, most of it saturated with sugar, fat, salt, and artificial ingredients.

Dr. Robert Sallis, a sports medicine physician, points out that multiple studies show walking is the best overall exercise for improving health and has the lowest risk of injury than any other form of physical activity.

TREND FORECAST: The “Whole Health” healing trend will find new life, particularly among Generation Z and Millennials who will be forced by economic decline to spend their food dollars wisely and seek alternative health modalities.

Among the winners in the medical profession will be chiropractors who are more natural healing-based and provide the more affordable health care.

In addition, the self-responsibility resurgence will mirror what followed the 1987 stock market crash: the ending of the “shop until you drop” era and the ushering in of the “New Age craze,” where people sought a higher meaning to life rather than just spending money.

  1. lvblasiotti 4 months ago

    Common sense does not control most people’s eating habits. It seems to me that people are slaves to their taste buds and care little or nothing about nutrition. Good for junk food businesses and for doctors. Doctors are taught little and almost nothing about nutrition…..on purpose????

    • Craig Bradley 4 months ago


      Just try to find any baked goods that are not loaded-up with sugar. Trader Joe’s grocery chain used to carry a healthy fiber cupcake but it did not taste sweet enough and did not sell, so they discontinued it. All or nothing. The new conventional cupcakes are so sickeningly sweet I just can not stand to eat them ( sugary sugar ). The public has bad taste and no discipline. Retailers must give them what they want: Junk Food (cupcakes). Apparently, a poor upbringing and no adult supervision at home.

    • Ray Foley 3 months ago

      Of course on purpose. Same with our regular school system. Kids rewarded by getting the answer they say is right. Then they pass to next grade, no critical thinking. Makes good workers and citizens or should I say consumers.

  2. Mary Martin 4 months ago

    Studies show one cannot lose weight with exercise alone. It is all about the diet. It is best to limit all carbs, ditch the wheat and there is no such thing as “healthy whole grains”. The g, AMA, ADA, AHA, diet recommendations are totally wrong and caused this obesity epidemic and its resultant chronic diseases. Too many carbs cause hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance which are the root cause of these chronic diseases including hypertension, T2D, coronary artery disease, obesity to name a few. Big Pharma has tremendously benefitted from all this erroneous advice.

  3. Craig Bradley 4 months ago


    According to the Hospital dietician, American diet is chronically low in fiber. Fiber is helpful in absorbing the bad cholesterol in your blood, as regular aerobic exercise helps to generate the good cholesterol. Fiber keeps your bowls regular and helps avoid diverticulitis of the large intestine wall, as well. ( tears in the intestine wall ).

    Unfortunately, we do not eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables and we eat way too much prepared food of all kinds. The late fitness expert, Jack La Lane lived a fit and healthy life and his motto was: “If God did not make it, do not eat it”. He mostly ate (drank) a juice cocktail of fresh fruits and vegetables mixed in an Osterizer. He lived to be 95 years old before he passed-on. Not bad.

  4. Philip Zyrski 4 months ago

    My strategy was to shop in specialty places. I shop at Milano Market, Schaller & Weber, Whole Foods, etc. Then I look for my criteria. Look for any food item that has Non-GMO Verified label and the USDA Organic together. Then reading the ingredients woke me up to the fact that if I can’t read it…put it down. But natural ingredients without any chemicals and pesticides. I also look for Grass Fed, Humaine Certified and Free Roaming. These factors will make a profound difference in anyones life including mine.

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