Stansberry Research (8.5.22)

  1. 6 days ago

    We in North America could not only be oil self-sufficient within 10 years, we could be a major exporter. Why isn’t this happening. The US doesn’t want Canada to get too powerful/wealthy.

  2. yardscapes1 4 days ago

    No, the US is governed by the cabal that governs Canada. The WEF Davos – Fabian Socialists. Want liberty and independence economically, take this group out first.

  3. HandsFree 3 days ago

    AUGUST 09, 2022 16 COMMENTS
    The Global Debt Scam – Day of Reckoning?
    By Marwan Salamah for the Saker Blog As the advanced economies appear to be stumbling inadvertently into stagflation and possibly worse, diversionary media tactics are rapidly being deployed. Voices are rising warning of the global debt crisis and how it is likely to push poor countries into tragic collapse. WHAT,

    Chinese History of Science and technology: The rediscovery of the Chinese history of science
    August 08, 2022
    Chinese History of

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