Special Report: Interview with Scott Ritter (4.1.22)

  1. Peter Piorecki 6 months ago

    I’m sure Mr. Ridder is well educated about Russian/Ukrainian history but his views are a bit one sided. Sure Russia suffered during WWII and millions of their citizens died but what Mr. Ridder fails to mentioned is that they brought this on themselves. They started WWII with Germany. They were allied with Germany at the beginning of the war and then Hitler turned on them, so they switched sides and all of the sudden they were now the good guys? Has Mr. Ridder forgotten what they did to Poland in the beginning of WWII in forests Katyń? Then the so-called Allies (UK and U.S.) sold Poland off to the Soviet Russia in the infamous Yalta Conference in February 1945. Poland has a very tough history with both Russia and Ukraine – It’s caught between a rock and a hard place. Sure, Russia might have a point in some of their actions but they have tried to destroy Poland for centuries. So by siding with Ukraine, Poland is picking the lesser of two evils. Tough world we live in and decisions are even tougher. I’m not even agreeing with the Polish government as I think Poland should stay totally neutral in this conflict, something what Hungary is doing, for example. Eventually, Poland will get screwed by its supposed allies, just like it has in the past, and eventually, Russia might come up on top but it will take some time as the West crumbles.

  2. chuck wilson 6 months ago

    Thank you Scott…. your presentation of both real facts and history of how this issue is being played out. I never heard about the speech of Putin and that was amazing. I spent 20 years in the nuclear business, clean up Hanford and have many experiences with the weapons industry. So,… your message is strong and pure. Please continue to help people learn truth as you are doing. The more the cabal, the NWO is gaslighted and people are awakened to what these evil assholes are up to…. the better. By the way, continue to walk your spirit path. aho… however.. your view of the 2nd… i think you might go a bit further in not supporting the interference with the left wing actions to dis arm the citizens…

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