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Back in late April we had forecast that the COVID War would be winding down... temporarily, and it has. Governments witnessing the reality of diving tax revenues, business pressure and rising crime would begin to loosen draconian lockdown rules. 

However, despite the lessening of COVID Fear and Hysteria by the media and politicians, we forecast COVID War 2.0 will ramp it up again come winter time. 

Indeed, in those nations where cold weather is setting, such as Australia, every day is a day of COVID Panic, with reports of new “cases” followed by new lockdown edicts. Yet, in the nation of 25 million people, there have been just 910 COVID related deaths over the past 17 months. Of those, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 72.7 of people who died from COVID-19 had pre-existing chronic conditions certified on the death certificate.

Of the 910 virus related deaths, 515 were people over 80 years of age and the grand total of just 15 people under the age of 60 died from COVID. 

Yet, the new round of “COVID IS COMING BACK STRONGER THAN BEFORE” is the hype of the new “DEADLY” Delta strain that politicians and the media are, and will continue to sell to the public in their push for power, control... and to sell the “Get Your Vax” which will be the foundation of their agenda.

Thus, we forecast that following this summer’s cooling down of the COVID War, it will heat up again as Autumn approaches. 

Get ready for the Delta Variant Hysteria and the Winter Jab Push... as the following articles illustrate, it’s on its way.

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  1. Craig Bradley 1 year ago


    Better get ready for Civil Unrest too if the coming Fall Lock-downs are as stringent as they were a year ago. Those extreme lock-downs are a principal reason why Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom is facing a recall election this coming Nov. Recall elections and actual removal of a sitting Governor such as former Calif. Governor Gray Davis are VERY rare in California and elsewhere.

    To get removed mid-term from office your words and actions have to first generate a fair amount of widespread anger and frustration amongst the voters. Another words, Gov. Gavin Newsom has made a number of enemies in his first two years in-office. If he is unseated, He earned it.

    • Greg 1 year ago

      I keep asking Schwarzenegger when he would be moving to Texas but no answer…

  2. William Jenkins 1 year ago

    water is still rising in California. metaphorically. No chance to reverse until legislature is flipped over. Very decent chance if newsmen is knocked out the new guy will be worse.

    Californians like to punish themselves apparently ?

  3. Craig Bradley 1 year ago


    We have seen the Western Wide Drought intensify in the last two years. We were not, evidently paying attention as this drama progressed. One bumper year of snow and rain in Calif. topped-off all the State’s major reservoirs as recently as 2019. The news largely went dark for 3 years until this Spring, when someone left their office cubicle and took a drive just to “discover” the water was no longer in the dams. Its been spent and nobody really knows where it all went either.

    Entire towns in Northern Calif. may run out of drinking water THIS Year if the Fall rains are tardy. For example, Lake Mendocino is the primary source of drinking water for the small town of Healdsberg, CA. This storage lake is below the half way mark. So, they had to institute strict water rationing ordinances of 75 gallons per resident per day and enforce it with fines.

    Lake Mead at Hoover Dam is within just 200 feet of “dead pool” when all downstream water releases and hydropower generation are turned-OFF! For now, water and power generation at Hoover Dam is curtailed by only 25% and it may take a few more years to get to dead pool. That is the good news but if the mega-drought continues, we are only buying time and vacationing like there is no tomorrow. They might be right in this instance. “Eat, Drink, and be Merry for tomorrow you may die “.

    REF: National Parks Strained as Visitors Arrive in Record Numbers


    So, now, ALL of California’s water storage reservoirs and lakes are 1/2 full or even less ( Orville Lake and Dam). CALIFORNIA HAS NO WATER !!! Somehow, no restrictions on outdoor water use are yet evident in arid SoCAL where most of the population lives. We have GREEN lawns in the suburbs and NO WATER in reserve in the mountains! We are soon going to be in the worst REGIONAL water crisis of my lifetime by this Fall and not just in Calif. either, but in other arid states like Utah and Nevada, as well.

    No amount of Federal spending or FED money printing will make any difference at all if there is insufficient water supplies for agriculture and urban living. Most of the Federal Government’s spending and easy money goes either directly into consumer consumption or into the financial markets. Infrastructure improvement spending is always a low priority in the government and especially, water infrastructure.

    This is the major reason why we are in the Water Crisis of our lifetimes right now. Taking short showers and using low flow shower heads and toilets won’t do much good at this juncture. Its just like wearing Covid masks: Short Term “Feel Good” Measures Only.

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