Special Report: Interview with Gordon Chang (4.18.22)

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  1. HandsFree 1 month ago

    The manner of the speaking is interesting, the facts still come in from progress speakers who are censored or pushed to the back page: The USA by Chris Hedges is a, Totalitarian society ( Corporate Totalitarian) Yale university calls the USA an Oligarchy. We know it an advanced Surveillance State the Stasi men of the past said is beyond their wildest imagination when they were in the E Germany and the USSR – Sanctions, Sanctions or what they call the so called Rational Man: Do what I tell you or I will Punish you.

    1) Economics in the USA we do not know that the real numbers – they are by deep state
    2) The world has slowed down – and will
    3) The Twain will be attacked at the point we try to arm it with nukes or anything close
    4) There is no real way for the world to live if they are chained to the US corporations

    Russia – Eurasia is the going take down this problem or isolated it — just the way it is
    WIII end all that
    Climate Issues and death end all that

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