With entire cities now locked down, industries closed, and consumers losing their paychecks as the COVID-19 governments force them to close down, the retail sector will be hit with “Greatest Depression” sale slumps.

Key industries requiring face-to-face contact with customers are shutting down, leaving tens of millions . . .

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  1. Philip Zyrski 4 months ago

    “Don’t stand so…don’t stand so…don’t stand so close to me.” The Police. I hope the mentality of the general public won’t be so obsorbed with mainsteam media maina!

  2. Craig Bradley 4 months ago


    “Social Distancing” is a term coined by our political and elite classes and assigned to the following classes who simply click their heals, follow, and obey without even a whimper. Thus, you can see who is dominant in human society as it is
    also in canine society. The Alpha dog approaches the more timid beta dog who summits and rolls-over. Then the beta dog licks the Alpha Dog and a confrontation is thereby avoided in dog world. Similarly, we knuckle-under and accept our fate rather than confront the authorities and take our medicine like a Man in response. No wonder so many are referred to as “Girly Men”.

    I like the Clint Eastwood classic Western ” High Plains Drifter” about a fictional pioneer town set in present day Mono Lake near the town of Bridgeport, CA on the Eastern Slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. In this classic movie, the town was terrorized by three felons just released from the Yuma Territorial Prison in Yuma, Arizona. Clint Eastwood rode in on his horse from the distant plains through heat wave or convection currents in the hot August Sun.

    Clint then offered to assist the townspeople in defending themselves from these armed thugs, but they did not have it in them, neither this time, nor on a previous occasion either. The town midget was the one who had seen it all and remembered how disgracefully the townspeople acted the last time this happened. The next thing Clint Eastwood did was literally and figuratively elevate the midget into a position of prominence, giving him the “Key to the Town” of Lago. Insightful movie then and now as regards human nature, as it often is. ( Today, for example)

  3. lvblasiotti 4 months ago

    One good thing that may come out of the depression is that people will begin to communicate again as they did in the 1940’s. Today they have been brainwashed by the hidden agendae coming from the “programmed” TV brought to you by the nutjobs that want to control the world and like to tell you what is right, what is wrong, what is good, what is bad, etc. In my opinion, they are using this CV crisis to implement their agendae, one of which is to change paper currency to digital currency. No one says a word while they take away our freedom, piece by piece, day by day. America is asleep! America has become a land of sheeple who are being herded into the sheering barn. Wake up…they are using this crisis to steal your tax money, which you will pay later via inflation. “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Ben Franklin stated: “We have given you a Constitutional Republic …. if you can keep it.” We are giving it away to the 1% control freaks!!!

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