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Health officials around the world are tracking an outbreak of severe hepatitis in young children that so far have an unknown origin but could be tied to COVID-19 lockdowns.

There have been at least 190 confirmed cases of "acute hepatitis of unknown origin," and the majority of patients were under the age of 10, the Financial Times reported. 

There could be several reasons for the infections but early studies have shown a possible link to “adenovirus infection.” These infections are usually unremarkable for children and seldom lead to serious symptoms and are like the common cold. The majority of cases were among children five and younger.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the head of the World Health Organization, said 17 children required liver transplants and at least one died.

The Tennessee Department of Health said the state had six cases. And state health departments in Georgia and New York also said they are investigating "a handful" of potential cases. 

NBC News reported that at least three children needed liver transplants. Wisconsin is investigating the death of one child, the report said.

Andrea Ammon, the director of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, said there was a chance these children had “little exposure” to the adenovirus due to lockdowns that resulted in a more "vigorous" immune response. 

The Trends Journal has long reported on the negative impact widespread COVID-19 lockdowns had on society and how little they did nothing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. (See “COVID-19 LOCKDOWNS: COMPLETE POLICY FAILURES,” “LOCKDOWNS CREATE CHILD SUICIDE EPIDEMIC” and “WHO NOW SAYS ‘WE DO NOT ADVOCATE LOCKDOWNS.” )

Dr. Karen Acker, a pediatrician at New York-Presbyterian Komansky Children’s Hospital, told Fox News that the main symptoms to look out for with inflammation of the liver, or hepatitis, "are severe abdominal pain, yellow eyes, yellow skin."

TRENDPOST: Each country’s politicians impose Executive Orders on how far social distancing should distance, how many people can gather, under what exceptions they can leave their homes, how long they can stay out, how far from their homes they are allowed to roam, and what businesses are essential… without providing scientific justification and/or quantitative analysis to support their orders. 

There is never a mention in the media or questions as to the validity of these government mandates and/or the consequences of these actions.

As we noted at the onset of the COVID War, the lockdown strategies and numerous rule books of regulations being imposed on the public had been done without the support of hard scientific data.

And, just as with all the other wars of destruction politicians launch that cost trillions and kill millions, we warned there was no discussion of the implications of their launching the COVID War and that they had no exit strategy.

The results are now becoming evident to even those blindsided by their actions: millions will be killed and trillions will be lost fighting a war that should have never been started.

It looks like our children could be the worst casualty from the political science experiments. 

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  1. DEBRA mannain 2 weeks ago

    Hello Gerald and thank you for your dedication to exposing the facts about Covid 19. I’m wondering how many of these children have been vaccinated. Much appreciation. Deb M.

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