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An 11-year-old school girl made news for taking a stand against wearing masks on a sweltering day in Saugerties, NY.

Jenna Miller, an avid BMX rider and student at Cahill Elementary School, posted a tweet where she explained the abusive treatment she and other students were subjected to in a classroom with humid temps in the mid-90’s.

Her Instagram post with photo (wearing a retro BMX t-shirt) quickly gained views and support. The story was picked up by The Gateway Pundit and other outlets. Her post read:

“Today was a hard emotional day for me. Today I stood my ground and I was very adamant to standing up for what’s right and making it known it’s not a safe environment no longer being in a hot classroom with no Air conditioning with temperatures yesterday of 96° and today was a high of 86° masked and slaved to concentrate and do work at our desks with sweat pouring off of me. I love the heat I know what it’s like to be in the heat I race Bmx year around in full uniform the only difference is I come off the track soaking wet I’m able to drink freely, I’m able to breathe in the fresh air without a muzzle to my face this is inhumane. @saugertiescsd refuses to unmask us. @saugertiescsd refuses to ease the guidelines that we have to wear our mask during gym class and outside in excess of temperatures. Today’s the day I said to myself I don’t no if I’m going to make it through the entire school day because of the Constant pressure from the teachers yelling at me to muzzle myself. Today was the day I said no. I was kicked out of school because I was not being compliant with mask orders in a poorly ventilated classroom. This is the true definition of child abuse in my eyes. You don’t leave a dog in the car 🚗 you certainly don’t control us kids being in a hot classroom with a mask over our face , All of the administrators get to sit and bark orders from their air-conditioned offices in business suits on not masked. I don’t know what statement they are trying to make for us. Today was the day I said no more. I hope this picture goes viral and to just know your in control of your body The board of education is not. #unmaskamerica #unmaskkids @andrewcuomo #unmaskus #ny #upstatenewyork @cnn @foxnews @tuckercarlsontonight @wsj @nypost @dailymail @seanhannity @ynnnews @dailyfreeman @nytimes @recordonline help NYS schools get unmasked! #saugertiesny”

Miller says she won’t be going back to school, at least in-person, for the remainder of the school year.

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  1. Good for her. Screw authority.

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