1. a1achiropractic 2 weeks ago

    Am I wrong or was there a mention of Saudi involvement in the Las Vegas shootings also. That has sure never been solved to anyone’s satisfaction.

    • Jay Jericho 4 days ago

      As far as I can recall, Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud was in town and he was the target because he had aligned with Donald Trump. It’s impossible to know the truths about anything. Fake news, fake university research, fake government statistics etc.

    • joeldee 4 days ago


  2. hogfarmer 2 weeks ago

    I saw information that revealed the Las Vegas shootings as a Five Eyes operation. Unfortunately the massive cover-up still is in full force.

  3. beautyspot 1 week ago

    The Saudi involvement is just another diversion to look in the wrong place. The Engineers and Architecture Union has done an in depth study into the THREE buildings collapse and they where all brought down with pre laid explosives. You people are so brain washed with mind control.

  4. Matt M 6 days ago

    I believe other US “allies” were involved in 9-11. Not just the Saudis.

  5. tapasbarr 4 days ago

    We the Family Members of loved ones murdered on US soil have no rights to know the identity of their killers. Can someone please explain why the killers of US citizens are protected by concerns of ‘national security’. Could it be that the official ‘narrative’ about the events of 9/11 is just a story? The work of would suggest so.

  6. Robert Beaumont 4 days ago

    Follow the money (Oil).

  7. forest_inv 3 days ago

    I wish you didnt publish this stuff, as it’s full of contradictory theories. 9/11 attacks have been proven beyond doubt as controlled demolitions using nanothermite and other substances. Notwithstanding Whatever techniques or personnel used it was an inside job as such no point blaming saudis or anyone else

  8. joseph_1 2 days ago

    If the families of the victims of 9/11 are to get close to the truth, I would recommend they get hold of David Icke’s book “ The Trigger” and read it thoroughly. It would spare them all the lies and the procrastinations of the government agencies and lead them spot on to the truth.

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