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Gerald is a long time favorite of mine. He is the publisher of the weekly Trends Journal magazine, which I highly recommend everybody get.”
Robert Kiyosaki

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Trends Journal subscribers have been more informed and more prepared than readers from any other news source in the world, with essential articles on economics, geopolitics, health, survivalism, crypto, technology, science, and much more.

“I’ve followed him for years and years and years. His Trends Journal is like the Bible.”
Robert Kiyosaki

Get access to our proprietary Trend Alerts®—notifications, analysis, forecasts, and strategic opportunities—to assist you in positioning and profiting in any market environment. Our subscribers have made substantial returns using alerts on breaking news, macroeconomic trends, real estate, crypto, gold, silver, oil, and more.

Set yourself up for long-term success! We provide strategic analysis that defines investment opportunities. What to prepare for? What to invest in? Protect your assets from the global socioeconomic and geopolitical crises that will rattle the world.

The Trends Journal started as a quarterly publication before evolving into a monthly, and now weekly magazine with an average of 130+ pages with more than 50 articles.


“Best money I ever spent was on the Trends Journal magazine. Thank you, Gerald.” ~Singh R.

“I have subscribed to Gerald’s Trends Journal for over two years now. I highly recommend it, EVERYTHING he has said would happen has happened and his forecasts are accurate. Plus you hear the TRUTH of all that is going on behind the scenes. God Bless from Oz Down Under.” Kim B.

“I have been a subscriber since 2010. There is nothing – NOTHING out there that even comes close. The Trends Journal is truly “History Before It Happens” and if you want the facts as they are versus a biased agenda, this is for you. It went from roughly 40 pages per issue each quarter to 160 each WEEK. Yet, the price hasn’t changed though the value has skyrocketed.” Don M.

“I have subscribed to the Trends Journal from Spain. Magnificent. Finally writers following logic. As Celente says, you do not need to dive through endless publications to have a honest 360 view of current events. I used to read The Economist and Business Week and the TJ is many times better.” Alegre I.

“Trends Journal is the truth as always.”

“I’ve followed Gerald for years because as an investor, the trend is your friend.”
Robert Kiyosaki

In each comprehensive weekly issue, our analysis of current events forming future trends is more critical to receive than ever before. The Trends Journal motto is: Think For Yourself, and we publish facts and data over fear and propaganda. We’re doing all we can to restore Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness that has been stolen from us.

Each magazine contains a wealth of research, analysis, and forecasts covering the latest “Trends on the U.S. Economic Front,” “Trends on the Global Economic Front,” “Trends in the Markets” from stock market expert Gregory Mannarino, “Trends in the Vaccination Rollout,” “Trends in Geopolitics,” “Trends in Survivalism” by self-defense expert Bradley J. Steiner, “Trends in Getting Healthy” by Gary Null… and much more.

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Any way you can, ladies and gentlemen, please listen to Gerald Celente.”
Robert Kiyosaki

Please note: Trends Journal subscriptions are ONLINE ONLY. Articles can be read individually online or you can download/print out the PDF of the entire issue. We also have our current issue viewable online in “Flip Book” form.

To pay by check: Trends Journal, P.O. Box 3476, Kingston, NY 12402.

And, please be assured if you are not fully satisfied with our content, we offer a 30-day, full money-back guarantee.

Current Issue: 7 December 2021

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