1. Jay Jericho 1 week ago

    Got a hell of a shock today. Went online to find the nearest Best Buy – totally love this chain. Only one damn store in New York City is open. Online only. I don’t mind buying online, but about half of all USPS will not accept your ID if your drivers license doesn’t match your postal address. Which is ridiculous as some people move a lot. Had no idea that Best Buy was mostly closed down. I have a theory that they cannot source cheap goods from China. China wants to be paid in gold or silver. Just a hunch.

  2. Brendan Sullivan 1 week ago

    Construction materials are disappearing at an increasing rate, China and Mexico supply a lot of these. A job I’m on now the chimney is on hold because the stone comes from China, which holds up the frame and roofing contractors…..Then guess where a lot of tile comes from ~ Italy ~. For a while now consumers will get what they can get and not what they want

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