1. Jay Jericho 1 month ago

    Absolutely true. If you live in a big city, good luck finding a cheap 14″ laptop under $300. Most (certainly not all) are on back order. Desk tops seem to be easier to source. Those located in regional/metropolitan areas away from big cities may fare better. Example: Best Buy doesn’t have one laptop computer under $300 available in NYC for collection. If you drive 15 miles away, you can pick one up. Notebooks may sky rocket in price in a year from now, if it is true that China will only swap exports for real stuff like gold, silver, platinum. Or military technology, of course. A serious issue to consider – buying a spare notebook now.

    • onlyme 1 month ago

      I live in (rural) central Florida and recently bought a nice used 14” Thinkpad for $125.00.
      Yep it’s old (4GB RAM, 500GB Drive). However, after formatting the drive to get rid of the Microsoft virus and installing Linux it is a pretty nice machine. It has removable panels on the back for easy access to memory, drive, and battery. That might not do for modern work environments that are dedicated the proprietary stuff.

      • onlyme 1 month ago

        I should have made it clear that I was suggesting Flea Markets as an alternate source. Our Pawn Shops are loaded with lap tops also but tend to be more expensive. Second thoughts – Flea Markets are made up of small independent vendors, some even part time so they may be out of business by now. Not sure how Pawn Shops will fare either as they probably going to be hurt badly also.

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