About 59 percent of U.S. gym members will not renew their memberships, according to a TD Ameritrade.

More than 56 percent of respondents said the economic shutdown led them to find cheaper ways to exercise.

More Americans are jogging or walking, using workout apps, or buying home exercise equipment, according to Molly Passantino, TD Ameritrade’s senior retirement specialist.

“There’s also an element of uncertainty,” she said. “Americans are likely questioning how gyms would work in the post-pandemic world. Will it be safe?”

In contrast, the Crunch chain of gyms has reopened 169 of its 304 U.S. locations and reports new members signing up at a brisker pace than before the virus struck.

Crunch’s own April survey of 1,551 members found 47 percent were unhappy working out at home and 83 percent said they probably would return to the gyms as they re-open.

TREND FORECAST: With a nation living in masked fear, afraid the virus germ will jump on them know matter where they are – locked up in their cars, hiking on empty trails, bicycling on deserted streets all masked up – they will not be going back to gyms in high numbers. 


  1. Jay Jericho 1 week ago

    Gyms are a classic luxury product when you compare them to the market for water, food and housing. I wonder how Blink will fare – they massively expanded, probably on loans.

  2. Craig Bradley 1 week ago

    I predict very few athletic clubs and facilities will reopen in the future. This business model has been smashed, a casualty of the Covid-19 Panic and Lock-downs. Most people will just find simpler and less expensive ways to exercise from home. Re-prioritization of our lives around home essentials and work will leave less available resources for other activities and expenses. Gyms will not be a growth industry, especially as our nation continues to age due to changing demographics.

  3. IrishHammer 1 week ago

    I’m not going back any time soon. 3-4 years possibly. Depends in the economy. In working out at home. Riding my stationary bike. Taking long, brisk walks . Starting back on weights this week.

  4. Eric Swan 1 week ago

    I remember when I was homeless I would join a gym so I could take showers. Good luck even finding a gym that’s open now. They’re all closing.Now If someone is homeless Its hard to clean up. There will probably be an outbreak of illness because of this.If you end up homeless now, You’re seriously screwed.

  5. crazyjoecus 1 week ago

    Well I guess I’m different or a gambler but I see this covid thing is a sham. As soon as my gym opened I went back in more determined than ever. Right i exetcise just about every day after word. So far. Despite all my unmasked breathing I have not even a minor sniffle. Its all bullshit, its an exercise in repression. If you are seriously ill then you should be extra careful but none of us should behave like prisoners of the state. Think about it logically. How could a rag wrapped around your mouth and nose stop a microscopic virus yet let air through. Thr premise is preposterous. Madks are a new form of tonsure like the ancient Chinese ponytail that indicated your class or the haircut British sailors had marking them as Jack tars. Open your eyes people and think for yourselves. I’m personally repulsed by the cowardice of my countrymen.

    • Mary Martin 6 days ago

      Totally agree with you! So many sheeple.
      Idiots with masks. These mandates are absurd.

    • Stephen Romey 2 days ago

      You are so right! Other than about the 6 weeks in which Florida closed gyms, I have been working out at the gym during the phony pandemic. I am doing just fine and I look better at 62 then the slugs in their 30s and 40s pounding burgers at home.

      The gyms are very open here in Central FL. A few idiots with masks on, but for the most part, it’s business as usual. I just joined Crunch which opened a new gym near my neighborhood. Lots of people working out. It’s a steal at $10/month plus all the equipment is new. From what I can see on this forum, many people must live in blue states that are locking people down like the Nazis did during the war.

      So far, all is well here in central FL as far as gyms! We can only hope this is a passing liberal phase or people grow some balls and refuse to participate in the BS. So far, the sheep look totally dazed and confused.

  6. mikebenke 7 days ago

    My gym/rec centre recently reopened. No change rooms. No water fountain. No track. Masks to get in. By appointment only. You book a workout station and must stay in that station.

    No thanks. Working out at home way better than that bs.

  7. Mary Martin 6 days ago

    Totally agree with crazyjoecus. All this mask wearing which doesn’t work and all the restrictions are complete BS. C19 has been used to oppress us. One can be in great shape w/o a gym. Pushups, weights, and brisk walks. Plus governors making medical decisions re hcq which does work. Totally scammed.

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