PRN (12.22.21)

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  1. HandsFree 6 months ago

    If you others on what Celente is saying, you get a bigger picture

    1) USA has overreached by mass spending for money junkies and others
    The system is currently cracking not to crack but is. The Illusion is air into a tire with a hole in it
    2) The System needs total control for the situation will be as Celente says
    the worst fall economically in history
    3) Climate destruction will go off charts – immigration, hunger and suffering
    4) Menticide has been enacted long ago – apparatchik’s will carry out their order’s till the last can of soup or porn hub video
    5) the use of force will increase bloody force

    War, Russia is not going fall, she will has the mark, she has the will and she
    has broken free- in large scale conflict A conventional will only bring it down
    Problem some the psychopaths might go nuclear and that means were all dead

    Brace for impact — the Russian ultimatum is wild card
    Inflation- no one can survive it on the bottom only the top 5% will
    The violence’s is increasing

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