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It’s clearer than ever why Pfizer wanted to bury the data they had on COVID gene therapies deceptively called vaccines.

From adverse reactions to lies about how the infusions work and don’t work, including areas of the body they target, and potential devastating long term ill consequences, have come to light with the recent Pfizer data release.

Former Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson dove into the data and gave an excellent analysis in her substack column.

Robinson noted that the FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine even though 15,000 people had serious disorders of the nervous system after taking it. More than 20,000 persons had various significant problems (defined as "general disorders") after being vaccinated and reported them to the FDA, yet the vaccine was authorized anyhow.

The FDA was forced to release 55,000 pages of clinical data on its mRNA “vaccine” treatments, on order of a federal judge.

Robinson, who was banned from Twitter for her COVID related reporting, said data has proved, among other things, that Pfizer was aware the lipid nanoparticles in their COVID vaccination did not remain in the injected person's bicep muscle. The nanoparticles instead migrate away from the injection site and congregate elsewhere, including the liver and ovaries, where they can do serious damage.

For more, read Robinson’s excellent work here.

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  1. harlow53 5 months ago

    When a criminal is exposed, he or she is prosecuted b a legitimate court but when a Big Pharma, MSM, Government Regulators and Military commit murder and human suffering, all you hea are crickets!!! So far Reiner Fuellmich and Dr David Martin haven’t been able to have a legitimate court at the local, state, federal, or national level accept filing and discovery to prosecute the COVID-19 Criminals!!!

    The mRNA is transporting the VaxHIV epidemic that humanity will have to deal with now that the Healthcare Industrial Complex worldwide has compromised the human race!!

  2. Aussie 5 months ago

    Thank you Gerald for including links to references and those links having references to the primary data.
    Without a chain that I can follow to the source I will not quote the Trends Journal, because without this it is mere opinion about media stories.
    Keep up the good work. Think for yourself, absolutely, but keep the source data coming.

  3. Sarah Krupinski 5 months ago

    Let’s hope this truth comes out sooner rather than later and we can see these criminals put in jail for crimes against humanity!🙏🙏🙏🙏💙💙💙💙😥

  4. […] by a Federal Judge) have shown the company lied about the drug’s effects and efficacy (see “PFIZER DATA RELEASE CONFIRMS VACCINE DECEPTIONS,” 8 Mar […]

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