1. Norman Hauptman 3 months ago

    The application of safe medicines, long in use, has not been suggested by government. No government has said “while we are in lockdown, take Vitamin D, which will build your immunity in event you
    contract the virus”. This is supreme proof that government, in this matter, is not your friend – indeed it is your mortal enemy.

  2. Jay Jericho 3 months ago

    How interesting that trends is covering Peru. It’s hard to know what to make of statistics, but this country supposedly has the third ranked or so highest underground reserves of tin and silver. It should be a wealthy paradise. Where might Peruvians flee to? The rural areas of Bolivia perhaps. Wishing all the best for the Peruvians. Per Norman’s comment above. A lot of people claim that a sole/dominant/part reason for Chemtrails is the desire to block vitamin D production by people. It’s hard to know what to believe in a world of fake news.

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