Many of the same people who argued for medical “death panels” not so long ago are the same ones crushing any dissent on the efficacy or safety of the COVID 19 vaccines. Bill Gates is one example.

Another is oncologist Ezekiel Emanuel, who famously argued life should end at 75. Emanuel now sits on President Biden’s COVID-19 advisory team.

Numerous aspects of the COVID “pandemic” are unprecedented and strange, and there is no denying that fact. So says Dr.

Paul Craig Roberts, longtime scholar and journalist. Roberts says that logic, as well as data, should give anyone thinking of taking the current COVID vaccines pause.

On Dr. Roberts’s website, he featured an article contribution by media analyst Mike Whitney that took a deep dive into the strangeness surrounding the pandemic and saving vaccines.

In the article, Whitney noted,

“Everything about the Covid vaccine is wrong, just like everything about Covid-mania is wrong. It’s all unprecedented, suspicious, and, frankly, weird. None of it passes the smell test, none of it.”

He listed some of the extraordinary measures and events that would have been unimaginable just a year ago, including:

  • Locking down 300 million healthy people in the U.S. alone
  • Orders to shut down businesses and schools, pushing the economy into the worst contraction since the Great Depression
  • Forcing everyone to wear masks and “socially distance” - even within their own homes
  • Politicians short-circuiting constitutional powers of state legislatures to rule by fiat
  • Media and tech giants de-personing scientists, epidemiologists, virologists, and statisticians because their professional views conflicted with government COVID advisor and admitted liar, Dr. Anthony Fauci

Dr. Roberts believes the nexus of powerful institutions, corporations, and government authorities suppressing criticism of the pandemic and vax-pushing policies is something no one should consider acceptable.

Roberts himself has a long experience and credentials as a journalist and economic expert. He served as associate editor and columnist for the Wall Street Journal and columnist for Business Week and the Scripps Howard News Service. Before that, in 1987, he was awarded the Treasury Department’s Meritorious Service Award for “his outstanding contributions to the formulation of United States economic policy.”

Roberts pointed to Whitney’s analysis as an example of the kind of reporting that is sadly absent in today’s MSM. Whitney himself asserts it’s not “conspiracy” thinking to question Big Pharma and corporate elites who have been unfairly enriched, while billions around the world suffer economic catastrophe and a quarantine existence. The comprehensive upending of normal life, for a virus that statistically is dangerous primarily to very elderly people, suggests that some more nefarious objective may be at stake.

“Ask yourself this: Who is touting this new wonder drug and insisting that all seven billion people on the planet get inoculated? Is it the scientists, virologists, and epidemiologists who have no dog in the fight and whose judgments are based on the science alone? Or is it the conflicted state bureaucrats, the public health toadies, and do-good billionaires who seek access to the personal biology of all humanity to effect the changes they believe will trim the world’s population and reverse the projected acceleration of climate change? Which is it?”

The agenda of the Great Reset dovetails so perfectly with the set-up of a world-wide “crisis pandemic” that the narrative begs questioning and suspicion. And vaccines are the perfect gateway to the boundless authority needed to achieve those ambitions, Whitney posits.

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  1. Bruce Kuppersmith 1 year ago

    This article is so spot on I forwarded it to over 15,000 people

    Hope it wakes up a fee of them

    We need 100 million to rise and CRUSH ALL THE ANTI HUMANITY SUBHUMAN SCUM!!!!!!

  2. ChrisQ 1 year ago

    Sorry, Bruce, but I think that’s a forlorn hope. Most people will do as they’re told and march straight into the gas chambers, sorry.. I meant vax centers, for the miracle “‘jab”. It’s going to take a REAL miracle or some “out of left field” event to stop whatever is going down.

    • Rick 1 year ago

      I agree……

    • onlyme 1 year ago

      probably true but, we have one possible saving grace. The longer the communists remain in power the more they expose their insanity and sooner or later even Americans will begin to suspect something is wrong. The next big problem will be to get them to actually do something.

    • lvblasiotti 1 year ago

      It is going to take people to turn back to God. That is where the miracle will occur…they will be enlightened/awakened and realize what is really going on.

  3. Ben Daviss 1 year ago

    As a point of clarity, Emmanuel did not say “life should end at 75.” He said that at that age and beyond, he himself would refuse life-saving drugs and medical treatments if their only point was to prolong a life of sickness and disability.

    • Joe Doran 1 year ago

      As a point of further clarity, Emmanuel said, and I quote, “Seventy-five. That’s how long I want to live: 75 years.”

      His op-ed in The Atlantic didn’t just advocate for his own preference in the case of possible serious sickness and disability. He suggested mere “decline” of old age warranted limiting health treatment. In the article, He he ties rational denial of care to loss in creativity and “productivity”, not just serious incapacitation: “But the fact is that by 75, creativity, originality, and productivity are pretty much gone for the vast, vast majority of us.”

      He also, deep into the article, admits he’s not just talking about his own personal intentions: “My view does have important practical implications. One is personal and two involve policy.”

      After suggesting policies both explicitly and implicitly by a projected list of his own choices, he asserts at the end of the article “And I am not advocating 75 as the official statistic of a complete, good life in order to save resources, ration health care, or address public-policy issues arising from the increases in life expectancy.”

      Maybe, maybe not. But his article was certainly taken as a rationale bolstering the so-called rationing proposals of the Obama era. His full article here:

  4. bword 1 year ago

    viewed a video by a woman MB specializing in Mod rna who was very critical of the cocktail. Alas I could not find it to post here.
    However there is this link to an article discussing the matter in similar critique.

  5. Jon Rappoport correctly wrote nearly a year ago that covid conjurers never gave proof or otherwise showed an actual of the virus they created.

    Rappoport also said, in effect, “No sample = No Gold Standard” . . . which is an extremely key fact.

    In the technical world, such as producing vaccines, there first must be the disease/virus against which medical “science” (nowadays the most popular is FAKE scientists shouted by Propaganda ‘news’ Networks ~~ PNNs, or as Gerald rightly named them, “pressitutes”) will create a real cure. Impossible without a Gold Standard. Thus, all is BS that follows/followed genocidal globalists’ NO Gold Standard with all their bought-and-owned wannabe terrorist tyrants (political hacks, self-deified bureaucrats, and pompous potentates.

    They are Humankind-hating, anti-life, inhuman scum. Best if they all vanish.

  6. HandsFree 1 year ago

    Pure Evil! If you look these People their faces what do you see?

    The whole thing is a ruse to kill off people, companies ( the small ones) and make the rich –richer

  7. Joseph Johnigk 1 year ago

    I personally think weve had it, like chris said,,, it will take a miracle to turn this around, and i have’nt seen any miracles anywhere lately.. Satan is definitely in charge now !!!

  8. Chris H 1 year ago

    Professor of microbiology and immunology Dolores Cahill said that the mRNA vaccine will cause a cytokine storms in response to mutated corona viruses. This will cause deaths.

    As I understand in a cytokine storm, the mRNA will cause normal healthy cells to be modified to look like infected cells to the immune system T-cells.

    People’s own immune system will attack healthy tissue.

    Dr. Cahill sites a study that a SARS mDNA vaccine was trIed on animals and was unsuccessful because of immune hypersensitivity. The vaccine seemed successful at first because it created antibodies.

    Covid 19 = SARS-COV-2

    The Dr. Cahill sites study is also on the NIH website.

    Dr. Tenpenny gives a more complex explanation of the same issue.

    Award-winning virologist, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi says the same thing as Dr. Cahill.
    He gives an explanation that laypeople can understand.

  9. Alfonso Garcia 1 year ago

    You will never know
    How much we have hurt earth
    You will ever know if you don’t know NOW

  10. rick armbruster 1 year ago

    I am encouraged by the responses to this article. It indicates to me that resistance is building to the fraud that is C19. Godspeed!

    • Kieran Simpson 8 months ago

      Yes, and to that ‘fraud’ we can add the claim that man made Co2 is the cause of the increasingly crazy Climate disturbances.
      There has been no publication on the looming mini Ice age racing towards us with all it’s magnetic disturbances which are the real cause of increased volcanic activity along with massive increase in cloud formation and accompanying floods. see; Adapt 2030. You Tube

  11. lvblasiotti 1 year ago

    Yes, the rushed-to-market Covid “spike protein” vaccine means an unpredictable, genetically engineered and mutated virus fragment is being injected into your blood


  13. Greg Olsen 1 year ago

    I wonder what the response to these injections will be, say in one to 3 years if people start dying off and/or developing hideous ailments enmass. Will people be as complacent as they were in taking this untrialed voodoo juice or will society rise up in anger and demand responsibility of the govt and witch doctors pushing this garbage. Time will tell but the media will censor everything to prevent us from knowing the truth.

  14. Greg Olsen 1 year ago


  15. Randall Bunton 1 year ago

    Roberts has never been afraid to speak out despite the hatred of unelected ‘authorities’. You have my respect as a concerned American that the path this country is on could surely lead to disaster. We must act swiftly or our Republic may be lost to a few Psychopathic degenerates trying to use genocide never before imagined on the earthlings.

  16. John Walker 1 year ago

    Good write-up

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