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Oregon, seen as one of the first states to close down to fight the COVID War, and one of the slowest states to reopen as virus deaths subside in the U.S., will require those vaccinated in the state to confirm their status before entering various venues without masks.

“We hope that Oregonians will not lie or cheat and put others at risk by forging a vaccine record if they are not vaccinated,” declared the unhealthy-looking, overweight state’s health officer and epidemiologist, Dr. Dean Sidelinger. 

The Times said stores, houses of worship, and workplaces will require vaccinated individuals to prove their status, which prompted some business owners to ask how they can confirm these cards are legitimate. Customers will have to maintain mask-wearing until they confirm a proof of vaccination.

“We don’t want to have our members in a position where they’re the mask police,” Miles Eshaia, a spokesman for UFCW Local 555, told the paper.

Last week, Governor Kate Brown lifted mask requirements while outdoors. The Associated Press reported that some counties in the state are becoming frustrated with the guidelines, and one even started to call itself a “vaccine sanctuary.” Clackamas County will not require masks for anyone in the county, regardless of their vaccine status.

Tootie Smith, the chairwoman of the Clackamas County Board of Supervisors, told the AP, “We’re just so done with this. There’s a huge amount of frustration that people have.”

TREND FORECAST: As we have forecast, the first round of the COVID War is over. In the autumn, however, it will again heat up, as the media, their anointed “health experts,” and politicians start selling “a new virus variant coming soon to a neighborhood near you.”

Thus, more people, as evidenced now by their reluctance to keep fighting the COVID War, will revolt against further COVID restrictions. 

Moreover, in many nations, states, and cities, politicians who imposed the most draconian lockdown “Executive Orders” will face strong challenges from anti-vax, anti-tax, anti-lockdown opponents.

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  1. Craig Bradley 1 year ago

    I left Oregon a number of years ago precisely because of the Liberal Attitudes and restrictive Covid rules now imposed on State Residents, at least in the large cities in Western Oregon ( Willamette Valley)

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