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Dr. Robert Strang, Nova Scotia’s chief medical officer of health, is participating in national conversations on the implementation of vaccine passports, of which most Canadians appear to be in favor.

We’ve been reporting that Dr. Strang is largely responsible for Nova Scotians continuing to be subjected to stringent COVID-19 restrictions, which are out of proportion to the province’s number of cases and deaths. (See our 25 May article, “NOVA SCOTIA: MINOR # OF COVID DEATHS, MAJOR LOCKDOWN.”)

Ethical Concerns?

As reported on 27 May by Halifax Today, Dr. Strang is looking into how proof of immunization would be established and electronically documented. He has also expressed concern about ethical considerations and the potential to “unjustly marginalize” those yet unvaccinated.

Most Canadians Approve

The same report informs us of a recent poll by the Angus Reid Institute, which shows 76 percent of Canadians favor vaccine passports for travel to the U.S., while 79 percent would favor them for travel beyond the U.S. 

The poll found that “a small majority” of Canadians approve of such passports being required domestically, such as when attending events of more than 50 people. Fifty-five percent favor them being required at restaurants, malls, movie theaters, and workplaces. 

TREND FORECAST: Despite the poll numbers and the push of a COVID Passport, as of yesterday, according to the Canadian Press, only 5 percent of Canadians have been fully vaccinated. Thus, we forecast there will be growing resistance to vaccinations and strong anti-vax, anti-establishment political movements to unseat the COVID War politicians. 

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  1. Rick 1 year ago

    It appears the Canadians are more intelligent that the Americans if only 5% of the Canadians screwed themselves with the phony vaccine.

  2. Keirh Johnson 1 year ago

    Please keep resisting, this is BS.

  3. lvblasiotti 1 year ago

    I cannot help but wonder how much money or what benefits the evil/satanic elites who have master mind this PLAN-DEMIC have placed in his financial basket?????

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