World Economic Outlook Worsens Warns IMF. The world’s economic outlook has darkened since mid-April, the International Monetary Fund says.

A month ago, the IMF forecast a global economic contraction of 3 percent this year, with developed countries’ GDPs shrinking 6.1 percent and those in emerging . . .

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  1. Stephen Romey 7 days ago

    The British Government’s directive to quarantine for two weeks after arriving in the UK. Say What? The UK is already on the ropes, and this will kill air travel to the UK and tourism. I have always thought governments were stupid, but rarely have governments been this self-destructive! People need to let go of this entire Covid thing. I knew it was a scam and psyop from the beginning, but I understand that many do not have the background to understand these things, but if people persist in ‘social distancing’, masks, and other assorted nonsense, they will kill anything of value in their respective societies. Mass suicide is very painful to watch.

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