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Why are so many healthcare workers refusing to get the COVID Jab which allegedly will keep healthcare workers healthy?

U.S. healthcare workers, theoretically the group for whom COVID-19 vaccination status should be most critical (based on their occupation's intrinsic higher risk of infection and of transmission) are still lagging in getting fully vaccinated, according to figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on 18 November by Forbes.

As of 15 September, only 70 percent of some 3 million workers studied, in 2000 hospitals nationwide, were fully vaccinated, despite the looming federal vaccine mandate which, although currently contested, will require more than 17 million workers at facilities participating in Medicare and Medicaid to be fully vaccinated by 4 January. 

Officials and facility operators are concerned that, under the mandate, unvaxxed workers must be terminated, and severe staffing shortages will result.

Doctors tend to be the most compliant group, with the American Medical Association reporting that 96 percent of its practicing physicians are fully vaccinated. Among workers at long-term facilities, 73 percent are fully vaxxed.

Healthcare staff compliance varies from metropolitan to rural counties, with 71 percent and 65 percent, respectively, fully vaccinated. The lowest rate, 64 percent, is in critical access hospitals. 

TRENDPOST: Trends Journal has addressed "vaccine hesitancy," even among those who face termination for non-compliance; see

Those last two articles posit one plausible explanation for why some healthcare workers still harbor such hesitancy about personally submitting to the COVID jabs: They are likely to have witnessed firsthand patients suffering from side effects of the vaccines, and not only have they seen it, they deal with it constantly. 

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  1. Derekzan 1 week ago

    Don’t go to a doctor or hospital even if you are crook , you will most likely die anyway

  2. dascallyon 1 week ago

    “…they are likely to have witnessed firsthand patients suffering from side effects of vaccines, and not only have they seen it, they deal with it constantly.”
    Bingo. Dealing with it right now as a matter of fact. Been fighting the Covid war since the beginning. Imagine for a second taking 3 flu shots all within the span of several weeks or within a few months in a given year? Imagine how f*cked up you’d probably be from that kind of dosing? Now imagine giving yourself 3 Covid shots within that same short time period. Think there’s a chance things might not go so smoothly? Such is the situation for Mr. X who lays here gasping for breath before me. He will spend thanksgiving evening working to keep his O2 SAT above 85%, if he makes it that long, that is. Just finalized the DNR order yesterday—nothing aggressive. Comfort measures, per his instructions. Took all three shots like a good boy and probably would’ve taken the fourth but got acutely sick after the third, surprisingly. Last year, before the vax came out I found Covid easier to treat and break as tough as it was. But with these vax-induced Covid flairs a lot of my tricks for buying the patients more time are not working as well. Maybe someone else out there has similar or different observations that wouldn’t mind sharing?
    So the trendpost here is very correct. As I’ve mentioned before these are experiences we in healthcare can never forget. You know, fresh out of school it didn’t take long for me to observe the destructiveness of alcohol or opioid abuse and swear them off. It has taken even less time of observing ‘vaccine’ abuse to swear these off as well.
    There’s a lot of us getting ready to make our exit over this. And I’m sure it’s good riddance according to some. Still, if this article is correct and around 30% of the healthcare profession gets pushed out the door, 2022 will be a very unfortunate year to find yourself hospitalized. We were short-handed enough as it was before all this and now you wanna up my workload by how much?? And for no additional pay?? Even if I was vaccinated I’d be walking out with the unvaccinated in that scenario. So it could set up a cascade of overworked people fleeing the profession that facilities may not be able to replace. I don’t know how well we’d recover from something like that. I figured at the beginning of this maybe 5-10% might ultimately refuse and get themselves axed but if Trends is right and it winds up being 30% that walk? That’s bad. So, in conclusion, probably you should stay out of the hospital next year if at all possible. And when it comes to destroying your anatomy—consider opiods. At least you’ll get high before you die.

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