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Many Americans probably believe, because of the way their government urges or even pressures them to get vaccinated, that the COVID-19 vaccines have the full approval and blessing of the nation's watchdog agency for such matters, the FDA. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. The three vaccines in use have only temporary, emergency approval from the FDA, and just when full approval may be granted is the topic of debate within the agency, says an article published 5 August in The Wall Street Journal. All the paperwork is in place for the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine to be approved, but while that could happen as early as 15 August, many believe it's more likely to take until mid-September.

Polls show that three in ten unvaccinated adults would be less hesitant about getting the shots if the vaccine had full FDA approval. But Trends Journal readers know that there is still plenty of reason for such hesitancy and suspicion; see, for example, the February 2021 article "STATS, SIDE EFFECTS & DEATHS."

While the COVID vaccines were developed at "warp speed," the FDA tends to move at a much slower pace. While approval in mid-September is likely, it would still be sooner than FDA approval of vaccines under normal circumstances.

TREND FORECAST: The FDA’s full approval of the COVID Jab will make it more likely for companies and federal agencies to make vaccinations mandatory for their employees. 

This will in turn ratchet up the confrontation between the vaxxed and unvaxxed, while also accelerating the anti-vax/anti-establishment political movement. 

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  1. RICHARD ALLEN 1 year ago

    DoD is looking for Full Licensure to happen sometime in Mid-Sept., and quite a few of the people I know in the Military, who are older members with experience, have begun to ask themselves if their careers are worth it. If the Military mandates taking the shot, a lot of them are saying they may walk away. When experience disappears folks, then so too does the strength of the company you work with/FOR.

  2. A normally 5-10 year process will be done in less than 2 years. Anyone who thinks the FDA has any credibility after this, is just not smart.

  3. a1achiropractic 1 year ago

    The FDA has been the lap dog for big pharma for years and also big pharma’s attack dog to squelch any other form of heath benefitting product that isn’t controlled by a major corporation. Here’s an example of how phony the are, they allowed aluminum to be put in food like baking powder for years even after it was was proven to be a nerve tissue toxin. They allowed that same ingredient to be part of vaccine production for years and turned a blind eye to autism. If you think these government offices give a shit about the herd of tax payors then you should be in the cast of the next Dum and Dummer movie.

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