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It turns out people have to eat and have a place to live.

Health officials in the U.S. are pleasantly surprised that President Biden’s vax effort to force private-sector employers to either require workers to be fully vaccinated or force them to undergo weekly tests has been effective because vaccination rates are increasing and employees are not leaving their jobs in droves.

“Mandates are working,” John Swartzberg, a physician and professor at the School of Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley, told The New York Times. “If you define ‘working’ by the percentage of people getting vaccinated and not leaving their jobs in droves.”

He told the paper that it seems that businesses have been emboldened by the drastic government actions and said these “companies think, ‘If the government is doing it, why shouldn’t we?’”

Trends Journal has been reporting on vaccine "caution flags" ever since the various COVID vaccines, which were approved for use faster than any other vaccines in history, were declared the primary weapon in the COVID War, such as reported in our December 2020 article, "COVID VACCINE: SCIENTISTS WARN 'CAUTION'," or our 19 January 2021 article, "COVID-19 VACCINES: TRACKING ADVERSE HEALTH EFFECTS."

Americans had been offered free donuts and beers in earlier rounds of incentivizing, but Biden’s decision in September—which will be enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration—was seen as a dramatic step. The NYT report pointed out that under the plan, health care workers and most federal workers could face disciplinary action if they refuse the jab.

The shift in the country has been towards vaccine mandates. The paper pointed out that New York, Rhode Island, and other states all require workers to be vaccinated to keep their jobs. Other states—like New Jersey—are less extreme and let workers submit to regular COVID-19 testing if they decide not to take the shot.

Hospitals across the country have seen increases in employee vaccinations. Kaiser Permanente told the Sacramento Bee that its employee vaccination rate was about 78 percent prior to its decision to mandate the vaccine on 2 August. Now 97 percent of its 216,000 employees have been vaccinated.

TREND FORECAST: We maintain our forecast that the stricter the government rules, the more aggressive confrontations will erupt between pro-choice vax vs. pro-vaccine proponents. In addition, we maintain our forecast for anti-establishment, anti-vax political movements.

Indeed, this past Sunday, speaking at a Republican event in his home state of South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (who got two COVID Jabs but still got the virus) was booed by the crowd when he said, “If you haven’t had the vaccine you ought to think about getting it...” 

And, ludicrously, Graham compared the COVID gene therapy vax to the measles vax by saying to the crowd, “How many of you have taken the measles shots?”... to which the crowd again booed, correctly and collectively yelling back, “It’s not the same.”

We note this to forecast that the “old guard” will be challenged by a new movement that will unite various factions from diverse socioeconomic and political sectors under the banner of “Freedom.”

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  1. lowbornhighbrow 12 months ago

    They need to get as many last hold-outs vaccinated as possible, so that there’s no control group left, and everyone who has an adverse reaction, it can be blamed on a new “scaryiant” of covid. You know, once the mass death and infertility begins in earnest.

    What does it tell you that nearly 200 nurses were fired from Noviant Healthcare in NC/SC? What does it tell you that over 1200 nurses were fired from that healthcare system in NYC, Long Island, and Westminister?

    They were “heroes” now they’re villians. If they lived through all of covid working in the hospitals, you’d think they’d want to get the vile vials. But no. They don’t. Tells you maybe they believe in natural immunity, or else have seen all the adverse reactions that are the so-called “delta variant”

    • dascallyon 12 months ago

      You bet we have. Still working the Covid grind myself and have been since it hit the US. Spent most of 2020 out on the west coast taking care of sick Covids out there then came back East at the beginning of 2021 to take care of the Covid situation in Philly. I was set to renew a contract at a hospital there when the mayor came out and mandated all healthcare workers get the shot. It wound up not working out for me jobwise as I wasn’t going to ‘vaccinate’ and they wouldn’t get me the paperwork I needed to file for religious exemption. During my tenure in the city I had the unfortunate pleasure of taking care of the influx of vax injuries while the main vax push was going on there over the spring. You don’t want to wind up like the patients I was taking care of. Granted, I know it’s not everybody who’s dropping that gets the shot but yeah, for those of us who saw the situation while it was going down, those are experiences we can never forget. This is why we will leave the profession. And, we’re replaced easily enough I suppose. Plenty of new grads to take care of you all very soon! Yep, new grads with little to no experience (except for bending over and taking whatever they’re told to take) while the guys like me are all at once gone all over the country by the thousands. I will say as far as my work is concerned it’s getting tough to get a gig in a lot of places. Not sure how much longer I can hold on but I’m thinking 2022 will be it for me if not sooner. I just accepted another Covid job and will be heading out shortly. We’ll see how long they put up with me. Too bad, really. I’m as solid a worker as one can be and I’ve literally taken care of hundreds of these Covid patients at all levels of illness. I’d put my experience up against anybody else’s in the country—Covid work is all I’ve done over the last year and a half. And soon to be cast aside. Probably a good deal for me anyway.

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