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As we forecast in the beginning of May, more COVID restrictions would be lifted throughout the U.S., more employees would return to workplaces, and significant numbers of people would be vaccinated... that has happened in many states.

Perfectly Legal

Now comes word from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) that it is not a violation of federal law for employers to require vaccination as a condition of employment. This was announced last Friday.

The new EEOC guidelines also state that federal laws may require employers to make “reasonable accommodations” for employees who are not vaccinated on the grounds of disability or religious belief. Such accommodations under the new ABnormal could take the form of requiring the employee to wear a mask and observe social distancing or work from a remote location.

The guidelines make clear that no federal laws prevent or limit the type or scope of incentives that employers can offer to induce workers to voluntarily get their COVID-19 shots, so long as such incentives are not coercive.

As we have been reporting, a number of employers are already offering substantial incentives, up to and including cash bonuses, to encourage the unvaccinated to roll up their sleeves. 

Indeed, last week, Cincinnati-based grocery chain Kroger began offering Americans who get vaccinated a chance to win a $1 million cash prize and free groceries for a year if they get the shot at its clinic/pharmacy locations. The “Get Jabbed” prizes will include five $1 million payouts to the lucky winners and ten free groceries-for-a-year prizes each week for five weeks.

As we reported in our 25 May article, “LOTTERIES, JUNK FOOD & A COVID VAX,” a number of states have launched lotteries for the vaxxed to participate in. Companies such as Budweiser, Sam Adams, Krispy Kreme, Target, Uber, Lyft, Unilever, United Airlines, White Castle, Staples, and Office Depot are giving out “awards” for the COVID vaccinated. Dating apps Match, Bumble, Badoo, BLK, Chispa, Hinge, and Plenty of Fish have also jumped on the “Get Vaxxed, Get a Prize” bandwagon.

So Far, No One Is Compelled

But the National Retail Federation (NRF), as the Wall Street Journal notes, says that none of its members have as yet made vaccination a requirement, and that was not expected to change. What the new guidelines will do, an NRF spokesman said, will be to assist employers in encouraging workers to get their shots.

TRENDPOST: As of yesterday, nearly 300 U.S. colleges have chosen to make vaccination a “go to school” requirement, and young children are being pressured into getting the jab despite the COVID recovery rate of 99.997 percent for those aged one to 20, according to the CDC. 

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  1. Keirh Johnson 1 year ago

    This is an experimental drug.

    Please fight to protect our beautiful children and grandchildren.

    • lvblasiotti 1 year ago

      We ABSOLUTELY MUST STOP CALLING THIS EXPERIMENTAL DRUG THERAPY A vaccine. Calling it a vaccine lends it trustworthiness and credibility.

  2. David Jorgensen 1 year ago

    I am waiting for full FDA approval and to see the effects on those who have taken this experimental vax. Let’s see what happens six months to a year from now. I value my health too much, especially after the vioxx & thalidomide disasters.

  3. John Wieczerza 1 year ago

    Don’t forget the lies the government told us about Agent Orange and that it did not affect humans only planets only to learn decades later how lethal it was to the human body.

    • lvblasiotti 1 year ago

      My brother-in-law died from Agent Orange. It was a long drawn out awaiting death affair. President Roosevelt once said that nothing happens in Wash DC by accident. They know exactly what they are doing. The problem is that their agenda is benefiting the elite wealthy and powerful; not the people. Government by the elite, for the elite, and of the elite. SOLUTION: Christian Americans must return to worshiping God, who created everything.

  4. Armen Haroutiounian 1 year ago

    Let’s not forget the Tuskegee experiment! That too was a U.S. Public Health Service.

  5. Eagle11 1 year ago

    Did anyone see in Idaho they had national guard at an elementary school – guarded by local police – as they intimidated 12-14 yo kids to roll up their sleeves. Unbelievable!

    I thought Idaho was “conservative” (that term has lost its true meaning anyway).

    Worse, the school stated in writing they had nothing to do with it!

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