Following the lead of Israel’s Green Passport vaccination program, other major countries are following suit. 

The U.K.’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson is advocating what will be called “immunity certificates” for anyone wishing to travel or enter public venues such as pubs. 

The Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday that Saudi Arabia “now issues an app-based health passport for those inoculated, while Iceland’s government is doling out vaccine passports to facilitate foreign travel.”

Among countries that have announced either specific plans for vaccine passports or enthusiastically support the concept and are looking into it include:

  • Denmark
  • Italy
  • Bulgaria
  • Greece
  • Cyprus
  • Estonia
  • Kuwait
  • Thailand

And two airlines in the Mideast Gulf countries, Emirates and Etihad, have announced they were testing a vaccine verification app.

Last Thursday, at a summit convened by the European Union, the subject of vaccine certificates was raised. France24 reported that both Spain and Greece were enthusiastic, and Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz voiced strong support for a green pass similar to Israel. Kurz stated,

“Those who are vaccinated should have full freedom, but so should those who just had the coronavirus and are immune, and all those who take a test and can prove through the test that they are negative.”

A few countries, such as Belgium and the Netherlands, voiced concern over privacy issues. One of those stating clear opposition to the vaccine certificate was France’s President Emmanuel Macron.

In the U.S., President Biden has ordered a feasibility study on requiring vaccination certificates for traveling. In an article on the subject, Microsoft News published this headline on 10 February:

Heralded as key to returning to normal, digital “vaccine passport” plans prompt Orwellian concerns

The WHO has signaled a positive attitude towards vaccine certificates. The Irish Times and other media reported on 26 February that Dr. David Nabarro, special envoy on COVID-19 for the WHO, remarked that proof of vaccination “was an excellent idea and that everyone should know what vaccine they had been given, the batch number and manufacturer. Just in case they bump up against a variant.”

More Discrimination

As the Wall Street Journal noted, the “proof of vaccination” policies are “fraught with pitfalls.” It’s known that minority communities are most suspicious of government mandates and are more hesitant in general to get the shots at will. Therefore, forcing them to do so is being felt like yet another form of discrimination. Data also shows young people, who are significantly less vulnerable to the coronavirus, are also less likely to get vaccinated. 

The Wall Street Journal article notes,

“Some health authorities are worried that vaccine passports could give people a false sense of security… it isn’t clear whether vaccines stop people from being infected and spreading the disease and whether inoculations will be rendered less effective by mutations of the virus.”

TRENDPOST: If it “isn’t clear whether vaccines stop people from being infected or spreading the disease,” then why mandate all must be vaccinated to achieve so-called “herd immunity,” i.e., vaccinating the “herd?”

Furthermore, if the vaccine is being sold (as we reported, hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent on propaganda campaigns to get people vaccinated) as being safe and protecting those who got the shot from getting the virus, why should those who do not want the shot be forced to get it, since if they get it hit with the virus, it won’t transmit to those who have been vaccinated?

Same with masks: If those wearing masks are safe from contracting the virus, why should those who do not want to wear one be forced to do so?

Because when fighting wars, be it the COVID War or the War on Terror, the politicians take full control, and constitutional freedoms and Bill of Rights are abrogated. 

TRENDPOST: The Financial Times reported today that “Brussels is to propose a personal electronic coronavirus vaccination certificate in an effort to boost travel around the EU once the bloc’s sluggish immunisation drive gathers pace.”

And Ursula von der Leyen, European Commission president, announced she is pushing for a “digital green pass” for those jabbed with the COVID vax. She tweeted, “The aim is to gradually enable them to move safely in the European Union or abroad.”

  1. atlantis 1 month ago


  2. Bruce Kuppersmith 1 month ago

    No mandatory vaccine
    Clip any who force it on people
    Politicians Health Officials. Police. ANYONE!!!!

  3. Keirh Johnson 1 month ago

    How dare they

  4. Scott Walker 1 month ago

    Sounds a lot like the mark of the beast. Also, I am the “authority” of my health and not anybody else.

    • YoungTexan 1 month ago

      Exactly! As they say, “My body, my choice!”

    • Jason T 1 month ago

      It is a precedent. I believe the NWO is testing to see who will take the vax/chip & who won’t. They obviously don’t need everybody just looking for that number of people that will take the chip, whatever number that is.

  5. Walter Baumgarten 1 month ago

    In a day and age when a decent hardworking human being can be shunned from society and fired from employment for calling a male a man or a female a woman, how is it that those who claim to be leading this rabble of humanity can refer to us all as a “herd”? In the end, isn’t every herd kept by mankind eventually fed upon by those that keep the herd? Yup, we have become some wealthy asshole’s lunch. Prepare to be eaten.

  6. Eric Swan 1 month ago

    This will create protests.

  7. 1nelsonv 1 month ago

    Of course, the ‘virus’ has not been isolated from all other genetic material, in other words, no corona virus has been scientifically identified, the PCR tests detect NOTHING, and will show a positive test from small animals and/or a glass of soft drink, and the ‘vaccines’ are no such thing either. Wait til you see the death toll begin to spike up, but those will be counted as Covid related deaths too!!! Quite the plan, aye, mates?

  8. harlow53 1 month ago

    Before the next issue of Trends Research, I want to make a statement about the tyrannical law enforcement of COVID-19 Vaccinations and the dilemma the tyrants are facing now. 1) Pharma can’t produce the quantity of vaccinations they were paid to produce on a schedule they committed to, 2) nations are viewing for a cue to be prioritized over other competitor nations, 3) Nations are reluctant to provide Pharmaceuticals around the world in fear of cutting supplies for their own citizens short thereby putting their own citizens at health risk.

    So here we are in a “Catch 22 Situation” where the Gates Foundations, Bill and Melinda Gates, WEF, WHO and tyrannical politicians worldwide have their backs to the wall because their PLANDEMIC has backfired and the eugenics plans, experimental vaccines and potential destruction of humanity may be a reality if the so-called scientific community can’t stop the epidemic unleashed on humanity in 2019 as a result of introducing COVID-19 into the world’s population as an experiment.

    There is a good chance the”Build Back Better” slogan will eventually become “Bury Humanity Better” if the mutations continue to outpace the development of vaccines to fight the PLANDEMIC.

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