On Thursday, The New York Times reported that Rutgers University in New Jersey will require all students to offer proof of vaccination to return to campus next fall.

The Rutgers president, Jonathan Holloway, issued a statement that included, “Adding COVID-19 vaccination to our student immunization requirements will help provide a safer and more robust college experience for our students.”

His announcement was followed on Friday by word of a “study that will be conducted on 20 other campuses to see if people who have been immunized can still spread the virus.”

As The New York Times reported,

“[According to] the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people who have been fully vaccinated do not need masks in small indoor gatherings with others who have been inoculated, but should still wear them in public. This is because clinical trials of the vaccines focus on whether they prevent serious illness and death—not whether vaccinated people could be infected, even only briefly, and transmit the virus.”

The study will have half the 12,000 students from 20 universities jabbed with the Moderna vaccine as soon as they arrive on campus. All 12,000 “will swab their noses daily to check for the virus and, from time to time, provide blood samples for antibody screening.”

TREND FORECAST: The push for mass vaccinations, even to those not catching the virus, will become mandatory at many levels of society.

As we have reported, the recovery rate for people ages 1 to 20 is 99.997 percent, yet they are and will be forced to get vaccinated. Indeed, Pfizer has begun testing its COVID Jab on children under the age of 12.

Despite the massive ad campaigns, etc., there will be a sizeable sector of society that will refuse the vaccination. Thus, we maintain our forecast for anti-vax, anti-tax, anti-establishment political movements.

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  1. yardscapes1 2 years ago

    If this is the trend for universities and colleges, then the Trend of online U will not only increase but thrive. Good luck to the over priced bricks and mortar institutions.

  2. Thomas Lonegan 2 years ago

    College is a waste of time in this covid environment. I know from first hand experience. I recommend students take a couple of years off and do something else like getting a job doing anything. Gain some sense of finance, grow up and experience life which is the real teacher then go to college.

  3. Rick 2 years ago

    If anyone wants to get smart, start reading books, real books about anything of interest and you want to know about it.

    As a college grad, I think it was a waste of time and money. Unless you want to be a Dr. or something like that and who would ever want to be a doctor, The are just like auto mechanics only working with the human body and the Drs. rip you off just like the Auto mechanic.

  4. lvblasiotti 2 years ago


    In this 29 minute video presentation, Dr. Cole provides essential information for your health. YouTube has not yet removed it!
    The world has a Vitamin D deficiency which is the real problem; makes one immune deficient/suppressed. He discusses the astounding success of IVERMECTIN in helping to cure COVID. He also discusses other medication which help but only in the first two days of the virus. This doctor has a vast amount of experience. Highly recommended video.

  5. Eagle11 1 year ago

    Problem is these colleges will not go broke or even suffer for this. Too many woke nutjobs willing to attend.

    Our energies should be on finding and implementing a solution like how to effectively split up the country between those who desire freedom, and those who are satisfied with remaining in bondage.

  6. knelson 1 year ago

    Why go to college anymore? Learning a skilled trade at a vocational-technical
    school can end up being far more profitable. Still want to go to college? Stick
    to engineering, computer science, medical field jobs, education, or best of all,
    take classes on how to become a politician!

  7. lvblasiotti 1 year ago

    I knew an electrical engineer who became a electrician because it paid him more money. Plumbers and HVAC people do well also.

  8. Brettagher 1 year ago

    How can you even ethical test a vaccine on children?

    Also, so glad I didn’t go to college during some absurdity like this.

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