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Jacinda Arden, the prime minister of New Zealand who has been one of the top peddlers of the COVID-19 vaccine, announced last week that she came down with the virus despite being fully vaccinated.

Ardern had been symptomatic since Friday evening, Reuters reported, citing her office. Her COVID test showed a weak positive that night and a clearer one on Saturday morning.

Her partner Clarke Gayford tested positive as well as her daughter Neve.

"Despite best efforts, unfortunately, I’ve joined the rest of my family and have tested positive for COVID 19," Ardern posted on social media.

Ardern was behind one of the world's most draconian COVID vaccine mandates enforced by a country since the outbreak began. 

The government required vaccines for workers in education, health care, police, and defense workers. The country also closed down its borders for more than two years. See “NEW ZEALAND: FREAK OUT TIME” (18 Aug 2020) and “PRIME MINISTER'S PRIMETIME COVID FREAK SHOW” (25 Jan 2022).

New Zealand has a population of about 5 million and about 95 percent of eligible New Zealanders are fully vaccinated. The New York Times reported that cases have remained flat in the country and there is an average of about 7,600 new daily cases, and fewer than 14 daily deaths.  

Ardern’s office said the prime minister will be forced to isolate until 21 May and we'll miss the debate in parliament this week about emissions reduction in the country.

TRENDPOST: The Trends Journal has pointed to the long list of politicians and celebrities who tried to sell the public these vaccines and yet still came down with the virus after being fully vaccinated and boosted. (See “FULLY-VAXXED, FULL OF COVID, FULL OF CRAP” and “GET VAXXED, GET COVID: THE ONES THAT GOT IT BRAGGED THEY GOT THE JAB.”)

TRENDPOST: Dr. Sara Y. Tartof, a research scientist and infectious disease epidemiologist at the Department of Research & Evaluation for Kaiser Permanente Southern California, was the lead author of a recent study on the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine and found that its booster’s protection seems to “wane after three months against emergency room visits, and even for hospitalization.”

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    Another mentally retarded fake leader ? or puppet on a string or maybe a combo of both….

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