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Go back to the lead up of the Iraq War. The Toilet Paper of Record, The New York Times, sold the lies that Hussein loaded up with enough uranium tubes and baked up enough yellow cake to destroy life on earth! 

Continuing to sell fear and hysteria based on lies, The Times, which sells the line that its bullshit is “All the News That’s Fit to Print,” reported that nearly 900,000 children have been hospitalized with COVID-19 since the COVID War began.

Yes, that's what Times readers were told in an article (dealing with the debate over the need to vaccinate children) by Apoorva Mandavilli, published on 6 October. But it wasn't true.

In fact, the actual number, between August 2020 and October 2021, was 63,000, and the NYT admitted it.  

Toilet Paper Crap

As reported on 9 October by the National Review, Mandavilli had exaggerated the number of hospitalizations by 837,000. NR notes that Mandavilli "has been a controversial figure at the Times for her ideologically-colored pandemic coverage," and cites a Tweet she posted in May: "Someday we will stop talking about the lab leak theory and maybe even admit its racist roots. But alas, that day is not today."

TRENDPOST: One might be forgiven for surmising that Ms. Mandavilli's ideology colors far more than just her pandemic coverage. 

Regarding that "lab leak theory" (and its alleged "racist roots"), see "WORKERS AT WUHAN LAB SOUGHT MEDICAL CARE BEFORE OUTBREAK" (25 May 2021), "LOOK WHO'S DOUBTING CHINA'S WUHAN LAB DENIALS NOW" (25 May 2021) and "BATSH*T CRAZY: WUHAN WALLS CLOSING IN AROUND FAUCI" (18 May 2021).

TRENDPOST: As to the susceptibility of children to COVID-19, and whether they should be vaccinated, that debate continues. But even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has not changed—even in light of the "more transmissible, more deadly" Delta variant—its statistic that 99.997 percent of 1-to-20-year-olds recover from the virus. And the number of children who have actually died from COVID stands at around 500, a number that is statistically minuscule. 

Nevertheless, the Biden administration and the American Federation of Teachers are among those favoring vaxxing kids to "protect" both children and adults; see "KIDS DON'T SPREAD COVID" (17 Nov 2020), "DRUG DEALERS: GET KIDS VACCINATED" (23 Mar 2021) and "VAX KIDS? THE COVID RISK IS 'TINY'" (13 Jul 2021).

Operation Warped Speed 2.0 

And the Food and Drug Administration is mulling whether to authorize Pfizer's vaccine for children aged 5 to 11, and may rule on it on 26 October. 

As Dr. Paul Craig Roberts reported Monday, “The criminal organization, Merck, announced today that they filed an “emergency use authorization” request with the company’s agent, the FDA, for an oral antiviral medicine for treating Covid-19. Former FDA commissioner and shill for Big Pharma, Scott Gottlieb, lobbied for the emergency use authorization on CNBC, declaring the untested pill to be “a profound game changer.”

What bullshit! For the entire length of the orchestrated “pandemic” there have been two safe and effective treatments—HCQ and Ivermectin—tested all over the world by billions of doses for 60 years. Yet Big Pharma had its agents—FDA, NIH, CDC, WHO, and the Presstitutes—block the use of the known effective treatments and maintain a campaign of disinformation against the inexpensive cures.

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