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A bill proposed by two Democrats has been passed by the New York State Senate that would make it a crime to falsify COVID-19 vaccination records.

One of the sponsors, State Senator Anna M. Kaplan, said in a 3 June press release (the day the bill passed the State Senate by a vote of 47 to 16), that the bill is an effort to stop “anti-vaxxers” from creating or helping others create fraudulent vaccination documents, whether the document is a written instrument or computer material. 

New Yorkers can show proof of vaccination via a card or a smartphone app, but both are vulnerable to fraud.

The bill next goes before the State Assembly. The press release doesn’t indicate what the penalties for such actions may be under the new legislation.

TREND FORECAST: The Trends Journal has been forecasting and reporting on the imposition of vaccine passport programs since the start of the COVID WAR. (See our 25 May article, “EU PUSHING VAX PASSPORT” and our 9 February article, “VACCINE PASSPORTS WILL END UP TRACKING EVERYTHING.”)

On-trend, on Sunday, Spain declared that international tourists who have been fully COVID-vaxxed can come to their country. And France is set to open for international travelers who have their vax passport and proof of a negative COVID test before boarding.

Thus, we forecast that tourism – which represents some 10 to 15 percent of many European nation’s GDP – won’t bounce back to pre-COVID War levels, as substantial percentages of potential travelers will refuse to get the COVID shot.

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  1. Mary Martin 1 year ago

    I am planning on traveling to Greece and France. The U.S. Embassy & Consulates in France reports that the president of France has laid out a reopening plan that would allow “foreign tourists” with a health pass (tied to being fully vaccinated or having a negative COVID-19 PCR test) to enter France beginning June 9, 2021. Also Greece requires either the shots or a negative PCR. I am not seeing any mandatory shots.
    ~20% of French took the shots.
    I really don’t think the mandatory vaccines for travel will be a go.

  2. […] And don't try to fool anybody with a phony vaxx document, whether on paper or on an app; New York State has just passed its "Truth in Vaccination" bill, making such fraud a crime, whether perpetrated via creation of a "written instrument" or via alteration of computer material; the bill now needs only the governor's signature to become law. We reported on the proposed bill in our 8 June article, "NEW YORK STATE: LIE ABOUT BEING VAXXED? IT’S A CRIME." […]

  3. Dave Seagreen 1 year ago

    I read a few days ago that the Spanish and Russian governments have issued warnings to vaxxed people not to travel due to RMNA spike proteins in the vaccines have a high likelihood of causing DVT on long haul flights

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