Despite no scientific evidence – and the fact that for centuries people have been handling money and have not died from it despite virus and flu outbreaks of much greater proportions than COVID-19 – under the new ABnormal, many businesses and consumers have been living under newfound anxiety that touching bills and coins increases their chance of catching COVID.

Thus, more and more businesses are banning cash transactions.

This unproven fear affects many vulnerable members of society including the elderly who are uncomfortable with technology, people with no credit, and tips for workers in service industries.

According to LendEDU, the common assumption that bills and coins, since they go through physical contact with so many different people, would be riskier in this pandemic is in fact wrong.

Using a “germ score,” the study revealed the average score for credit and debit cards was 285 compared to an average score of 160 for dollar bills and 136 for various coins.

TREND FORECAST: As central banks and governments flood systems with digital money backed by nothing and printed on nothing to pump up overvalued equity markets and sinking economies, the value of their currencies will continue to decline.

For what the digital future looks like and what to expect, please see Gregory Mannarino’s new article, “THE ENGINEERED EXTINCTION OF THE USD” and Joseph Maxwell’s article “FROM DIRTY CASH TO DIGITAL TRASH” from the 24 March Trends Journal.


  1. lvblasiotti 2 weeks ago

    To day I purchased food stuff at Walmart with cash. They could not give me 32 cents in change. The manager stated that they were unable to obtain coins from the bank. So the 32 cents was rounded up for a children’s charity. I have not a problem with giving to charity but how do we know Walmart won’t pocket the change round up. My real point her is that this seems to be the beginnings of digital currency. The slippery slope is ahead waiting for we the SHEEPLE.

    • onlyme 2 weeks ago

      I think your are right on the no change thing. It is corporate driven – I had the same problem at Walmart where I buy paper goods. Being obstinate as I am I had a pocket full of change and gave the cashier the correct amount. I noticed that when she opened the cash drawer she had change in the drawer even though she said they had shortage.

  2. Don Omalley 2 weeks ago

    the banks want to eliminate cash so they get paid on every transaction and the government can follow all of your spending. Use more cash. Screw the banks.

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