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A new article by Joe Allen offers much food for thought regarding different threads of corporate-driven transhuman technologies.

The mRNA COVID vaccines, planned for years, have constituted the wildly successful first stage of the transhuman tech rollout.

But as the Trends Journal reported in “HUMANS SUBJECT TO mRNA ‘SOFTWARE UPDATES’” (30 Mar 2021), Moderna’s technology, by their own admission, was meant to launch a dehumanizing vision of humans subject to constant corporate-government controlled and dispensed genetic “software updates.”

In that article, we noted:

“For anyone who believes the COVID vaccines are a unique phenomenon, guess again.

“Moderna, a company at the forefront in developing a COVID vaccine, envisions its mRNA technology as an “operating system” delivering the “software of life,” complete with frequent updates. Only with humans as the recipients.”

Allen, who writes regularly on substack concerning the perils of the transhuman technocratic agenda, posted an article this past week which pulls together major threads of how AI, genetic biopharma, and surveillance tech are being combined to form the infrastructure of transhuman implementation:

He writes:

“Three technologies drive the plot of this story—mRNA gene therapy, tracking tech, and artificial intelligence. Advanced machine learning, used to predict the effects of mRNA mutations in silico, allows for lightning fast vaccine development—including regulatory approval. Additionally, embedded subdermal tracking systems can ensure that every person on planet Earth is up-to-date on their shots.

“Taken together, these innovations are rapidly converging on a long sought after goal—an inescapable surveillance state, controlled by corporations, in which the global population is subject to continual medical experimentation.”

Allen’s article, which makes for excellent reading, can be found here.

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