1. Vasmar 2 weeks ago

    Today while driving I saw a mass transit bus pull over to let off a passenger. I thought how strange that the same govt. that is touting social distancing and forcing business to close in the name of saving lives believes that it’s O.K. to drive large groups of people in a closely confined space around town. Then I thought of GC who told me that the virus hype is not about saving lives its about destroying wealth and financially crippling people. Ok I thought now the bus makes perfect sense. Not to mention that those riding the bus need transportation to reach the hospitals where they work. If govt. was thoroughly concerned about social distancing they would pay for people to use a taxi service in lieu of mass transit. Virus scare amounts to another 911 with respect to freedom and privacy. Creates an excuse to invoke martial law. GC you may not always be right but your never totally wrong☺

  2. Craig Bradley 1 week ago


    Interestingly, Bank of America just announced in a insert w/ their monthly statements to account holders that they are discontinuing the previous cash withdrawal limits of $400.0/day as of this May. However, total deposits exceeding $ 5,525 in a single day may be subject to a longer hold period. Less than this amount may be available the next business day.

    I am not entirely sure what is going-on here. Could be new money is O.K. up to a daily deposit maximum. Perhaps the other bank or financial entity may be untrustworthy. A liquidity shortage in the present context could mean some banks are weakening financially. So, B of A is taking no chances with other peer banks but allowing customers to have their money, as needed. Definitely a growing lack of trust between banking institutions.

    This sure looks to me like the beginning of the end of globalism, as we have known it. All sorts of potential business reorganizations will likely be required if companies are going to adapt and survive. Reminds me of the the croupier at a Las Vegas Casino when he shuffles the deck a few times. The corona virus is in-effect similar to a shuffling of the deck. Nothing will be exactly the same afterwards, even if its the same game as before.

    By the way, ” Secure Retreat” author and secure building consultant, Joel Skousen, is spot-on in his weekly commentary on the reasons why governments are doing this around the world and what it may indicate:

    “But what is really driving this extreme public and government response, needlessly shutting-down parts of the economy, is a combination of 1) hyped-up danger claims from the WHO and the CDC (both puppets of Big Pharma), 2) Gutless (Cowardly) business and political leadership that is fearful of being held responsible if things go really bad and 3) Certain conspiratorial aspects of the establishment who want to accustom or condition the people to government lock-downs and increased controls”.

    Say Goodbye to the Old America and Hello to Amerika.

    Recall the Classic American Song, “American Pie”:

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