Gerald Celente - TruNews - October 14, 2019

Gerald Celente: The Presidential Reality Show Underway in America


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I can't believe you said that about HK. maybe you should pay a visitto that city. how could you trust the figures and stories from the MSM, pressitude as you named it.

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A renewal begins with prayer!

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Fantastic Interview!  Freedom begins with following the 10 Commandments. Pray for enlightenment from above for guidance into this treacherous future depression.

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Hey Gerald, 

I have been a subscriber for a few weeks.  I have always enjoyed most of your email updates and of course most of your journals.  However, I must say that every time you start hitting on Trump, I feel the anger building.  Of course you have your right to say what you feel and I find your journal and your reports interesting and helpful, but that doesn't mean I have to agree with your assessment of Trump.  He isn't perfect, but he is certainly holding his own with a system that not only is imperfect, but also corrupt.  All the PEACE Foundations in the world are not going to bring world peace as long as their is greed and corruption.  I have hopes that Trump will be taking on ALL the Central Banks.  Those organizations have been in control of all the graft and corruption since 1913 in our country and for hundreds of years with the establishment of the Rothschild empire.  By the way, since you don't like Trump who in the hell do you see doing a better job now and in the future?  Have a great day.  Vaya Con Dios.


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I think the issue is that there aren't any other "better" options for President.    I understand what Gerald is saying.  However, we still need a president.  Who should it be?   Trump is the ONLY option that a) can actually win  and b) I see that won't be a part of the new world order.   Is the United States perfect?  Absolutely not!   I'm concerned as well about the endless wars, the drunk sailor spending and how divided the country has become.   I served in one war and two "expeditions".   War sucks no matter what.   It's ultimately evil.    The government is spending money without ANY thinking about ever paying it back (and they won't).   This is not going to end well.  The Greatest Depression is coming!   Prepare for the worse.    

Gerald hits it on the head about prepping.   Get in shape physically and spiritually.   Financially, this all ends in a complete reset of the global monetary system.  Paper money will be used to wallpaper your walls.   Be sure to have, in your possession, items of hard value (i.e. silver, gold, jewelry, diamonds, watches, etc.).   Once the reset occurs, you'll be a leg up on the rest of the world.   

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Gold can only hedge savings . but what if we don’t have any? Besides you can’t keep working capital in gold

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Gold can only hedge savings . but what if we don’t have any? Besides you can’t keep working capital in gold


Buy silver.  Small quantities at a time.  I stick with US or Canadian coins (.999 silver).  You can also buy "junk silver".  Pre-1964 US coins (dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollar).  They are al 90% silver.    Instead of going out to eat one night, take the $30 and buy yourself some silver and eat an P&J sandwich.   If you did that weekly, you'd have 50-60 ounces of silver over a year.   Over 5 years, 250-300 ounces.   It adds up quickly.