Gerald Celente - On Target with Larry Sparano - November 21, 2019

What will happen to the economy following the 2020 Presidential Election? Will it matter if Trump is re-elected, or defeated? And will it be “China’s Century” no matter what happens in America? Those are among the questions On Target’s Larry Sparano asked of famed Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente.


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US economy appears to be scheduled to fail as its' wealth is being transferred (at least in part) to " The Land of OZ" (AKA israel). Wars for israel, money to israel, Jerusalem it's recognized capitol. The beginning push for world-wide Noahide Laws ( first Noahide sacrifice made in israel recently in news), and push to transfer world court from Belgium to israeli Sanhedrin. Mossed "Black mail Agent" pedo-rapist- sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and Mossad "control files" on US politicians. All  Coincidence?

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Gerald is right on target in the re-distribution of resources and also the elimination of government waste.