1. Dave from L.A. 3 weeks ago

    Most people are familiar with the metaphor of the blue pill and the red pill from the movie “The Matrix”. To understand this, we have to identify the people who are on the blue pill, which I must admit I was on it for much of my adult life. These people are basically hypnotized; when you get red pilled is when facts in front of you snap you out of the hypnosis that you were in. I would have to say in 99% of the cases, once you are red pilled you never go back to the blue. I believe the elites may have pushed their hand too far, and we may have the greatest and possibly the last opportunity to red pill enough people to make the change the world needs. Generally, people don’t wake up until their ox has been gored. Right now, we are in an ox slaughterhouse.

    • jroosa 3 weeks ago


      Nice analogy! Living in L.A., it must have been a jolt to your mental state once the red pill kicked in. Welcome to freedom, it’s nice to have you. Keep up the great posts thank you.

      Stay strong and hope all is well.


      • Dave from L.A. 3 weeks ago


        Thank you so much for your reply, but I think you’re going to find my next statement hard to believe: Back when this COVID-19 insanity began, I mentioned your name to my wife, reminding her of a comment that I had made on the weekly Freda so many years ago. Anthony is without a doubt my favorite artist. He had one of his works depicting the towers on 9/11, and my comment was referencing 2 Thessalonians 2 about the great deception. You had come in and replied to me agreeing with me. I remember it to this day. When COVID-19 happened, I realized that this was the bookend to the great deception. 9/11 to -19. Two decades of this deception has been unfolding, and this may be the climax to it. When I had posted that comment years ago, I never thought the deception would take this extreme of a turn. Truth truly is stranger than fiction.

  2. mnpund 3 weeks ago

    These exponential growth explanations by the media in relation to the coronavirus are a load of crap. While it is true that exponential growth is rapid, it all depends on the growth rate and on the compounding period. Some of these explanations by the media are completely unrealistic, for example, they compound daily instead of around every 5 to 7 days which is more in tune with the reality of the situation. Also, to properly use these exponential models you have to model the growth rate as a variable, not as a constant and how the growth rate varies is not easily guessed. In fact, if you look at the charts of the recorded data, the growth factor rises and falls like a stock on the stock market, totally unpredictable. Another thing these media people do not mention when they describe the exponential models is the impact of immunity. For example, the number of infections they say would double every 5 to 7 days if they did not impose social distancing measures and they show the severity of this by using the exponential to describe how the number of cases could grow to large numbers. However, what they do not mention is that after a certain amount of time, the number of people recovering and developing immunity as well as those who isolate themselves because they’re sick would significantly decrease the growth rate and hence the rate at which the exponential grows. These stupid media descriptions are way over exaggerated and it is not the social distancing measures that are slowing this down but the fact that people are taken out of the pool when they know they have the virus and when they have recovered. The media is spreading fear.

  3. Kenneth Munger 3 weeks ago

    Doesn’t matter if it’s bullshit, made up crap. From my observation 75% are buying it. The rest of us are being dragged along with them. I can’t even buy dog vitamins without having to order them on line then go park outside the 100,000 sq foot building for someone all masked up to put them in my trunk. If that isn’t insanity, nothing is. And worse,,, they are beyond shaming, numbers and data have zero effect. In fact they try to shame you for not having a mask or getting too close. We are literally living in a insane colony with no escape. There are no logical answers where logic no longer exists.

  4. Frontiersman 3 weeks ago

    Watch and listen to the recent Keiser Report (E1538: Moar Money!!!). As well as being truly hilarious, this episode contends that the banks and Federal Reserve have essentially begun privatizing the world economy. The Federal government announced last week that $2.999 trillion dollars was added to the Federal debt load (in order to cause the stock market’s miraculous recent boom – not the .999 no cause the sheeple to think $2 trillion, instead of 3), and will now be an engender an uncontrollable growth of debt until the entire world economy melts down totally. It’s now time to do what Barack Obama did, and buy a $6 million estate (where did he get that kind of money?) on an island somewhere. Look for the billionaires to start heading for their bunkers, as well !!!

  5. NCracer 3 weeks ago

    Thank you TRI for all the info you put together, its worth so much more than the paper its printed on.

    I was looking for stats on new hospitalizations in the stage-1 of the gestapo opening the doors (the real numbers of this pandemonium that matter) and it seems that the media just doesn’t like to emphasize them. They just keep pushing the fearfunkin numbers of positive tests test test and the new number of poor souls that have been battling the sickness for a month or more and finally stepped out.

    I found something quite interesting admitted in print – A tracking “index” from before-n-after the pandemonium… tracking “index”? before the pandemonium? so much for conspiracies.

    The update also included an analysis by Mecklenburg County showing there’s been a decrease in social distancing, which is measured by a mix of mobility data from cars, phones and transit systems. County officials say social distancing “index” data show adherence to social distancing has decreased slightly in a 14-day period ending May 8, which was the data North Carolina relaxed some stay-at-home restrictions.

    —> However, social distancing is still “significantly higher” than before the stay-at-home order came into effect in late March, officials said in the analysis.<—

    Huh, indexed

    Be safe, peace n love

  6. ARUN MAGO 2 weeks ago

    Hello Guys !

    When i was in India 3 Years and i told my school time friends that India is going to be a cash less society and the gold would hit 50000 rupees per 10 gms overnight then they literally laughed at me. But right within a year times the government demonetize the currency and put the restrictions on cash withdrawals also if people hoard any cash then it was illegal. They were asked to change the older currency notes into newer one but it was only with the limits to 2000 to 3000 rupees per day which is less then 30 to 40 dollars a day. Gold did cross 50k rupee mark and went near 55k. The time when i told them about this the gold was trading close to 30k to 32k rupees per 10 gms.

    Government was ready with free telephone and free internet through the largest provider in India called RELIANCE INDUSTRIES”. It was a plan which was already in place before they announce this crap. The excuse government made was that they were trying to curve the ” Black Money” and put control on ” Terrorism”. In my opinion there is no bigger terrorism then government especially in a country like India.

    In my opinion no country is an exception when it comes to corruption and manipulation. People been deceived all along with new schemes and fake promises. I think for myself and for my family and i think every human being should but not to deceive anyone but to plan your life ahead of these crisis.

    If you can have correct trends data then you can plan ahead of time and in my opinion Trends journal is always ahead in this. I have been following Mr Celente since 2008 and i have never missed a single youtube video of him since then.

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