1. Dave from L.A. 1 month ago

    Do me a favor, GC, when you see Judge Napolitano ask him if he would mind being a write-in candidate for president this November. We need someone who we know loves our country and respects our Constitution like he does. For that matter, Napolitano-Celente 2020 has a nice ring to it for me!

  2. Psytrance 1 month ago

    Good one Gerald

    This market is sickening, my heart wants to short it, but this ponzi sheme broke the stock market since 2009 *sadface*

    Let’s hope Cuomo doesn’t send his boys to stop your rally

  3. mnpund 1 month ago

    $270 billion extra for Australia’s military in “a post COVID world that is poorer, more dangerous, and more disorderly”, says schifo Scott Morrison. Wasn’t the “fighting” of this “COVID war” meant to save lives? Apparently it’s making things worse. This is what happens when human stupidity seeks to interfere with a natural process of nature.

  4. atlantis 1 month ago

    That’s great news that your 4th of July event will be live-streamed!

  5. Sean Murrell 1 month ago

    Indeed. Hopefully this will come up later as well as I’d like to watch next week 🙂

  6. Craig Bradley 1 month ago


    Deuteronomy 19:5

    “One witness cannot establish any wrongdoing or sin against a person, whatever that person has done. A fact must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.”

    However, during the Spanish Inquisition only a single complaint or witness, rumor or hearsay was necessary to carry-out capital punishment of the accused. Jury Trials or due process did not yet exist in any country. So, we have been lucky so far. However, Luck or the kindness of strangers won’t protect you at all if all your Constitutional Liberties are not fully respected and obeyed by those in Authority.

    If its rule by mob, then you really no longer in-practice have any specific or statutory civil rights or individual liberties left. This is the social reality we currently face and its likely to be resolved only after a lengthy civil war (Red v. Blue States ). Historically, our developing “civil or cultural war” is similar to the White Army vs. Red (Bolshevik) Army, as was the case in Russia 100 years ago. The Red Army (The Bad Guys) eventually won. You know who backed the Red Army? in 1917 Russia: The bourgeoisie or Upper Class ( Billionaires today).

    I see a strong case that radical American Leftists and Socialists are mostly America’s upper class, not the traditional middle class voters. We are being increasingly ruled by an American Oligarchy (Billionaires). Official corruption is getting pandemic in America. We should be more concerned with widespread official corruption, not a minor rhinovirus like Covid-19. Even snowflakes and suburban whimps in good health can rebound from a bad head cold. Better get over it boys ! Man-up to support your country for a change or suffer the consequences! As the popular and often said cliche’: ” Its a Choice “. (What else could it possibly be ?)

  7. Frontiersman 1 month ago

    A key takeaway from Judge Napolitano’s tremendous address at Gerald’s brave and bold rally was that it was a small band of patriots who said ‘no more’ and led a populace one-third against a violent revolution, and one-third who didn’t care – one way or another – who led the newly settled ‘Americans’ on their journey to freedom and independence. Again we should reflect that, yes – most fellow citizens seem willing to submit, co-operate so as to advance, and those not knowledgable enough to realize – that some must lead, often are great risk to their selves. Essentially, America is not a ‘country’, but an IDEA. The idea that men can be free – pursue livelihood, opportunity, self-reliance and personal success – irrespective of the expectations of others, but so importantly not political others. I really enjoyed the great judge kissing the cheek of Gerald after his stunning address, and to the fact that the crowd was small but truly American – no more special than you or I- so like those were who fought to forge our great Republic in 1775. Let us all return to the ideas which catapulted America to be the IDEAL of peoples everywhere yearning to be free. All hope is not lost until the idea of America is lost.

  8. vbenson2005 4 weeks ago

    American billionaires funded the Bolshevik revolution. Armand Hammer and Morton Salt . These wealthy people stood to make tons more money. Yes it is the elitist oligarchy and their children. .. they look down on people. After all they consider themselves our betters superiors? Black Lives Matter is a pseudonym for Battle Long Military supported by George Soros nothing black about it ! It’s an army. Its white dominated . Its NOT black.

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