Market Disruptors (9.27.21)

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  1. Craig Bradley 3 weeks ago


    I listen to the various interviews of Gerald Celente and agree with most of his trends and reports. However, I also spot what I call for lack of a better term, oversimplification. It is undeniable at this point that we have a systemic corruption problem which overshadows most everything else that may be going-on. Like the Roman Empire before us, corruption will be a major “cause of death” on the headstone of Uncle Sam. However, we also have an Administrative Elite and a growing Oligarchy, as well. Altogether, we see corruption in so many areas or sectors of the economy.

    Its just simpler and more appealing to ascribe it to a all encompassing “they” who control the economy and us everywhere, all the time. I suspect this approach is rooted in the fact Gerald’s audience is just the average Joe who pays the price while having no influence or power to determine his own destiny. Freedom is reduced and the government is maximized ( True “inequality” ). Most voters may know they are being screwed but like Don Quixote, not quite sure which windmill is the culprit. Thus, repeatedly referring to them (all) as the proverbial “they” is talking to the audience, who really can not grasp many of the sordid details otherwise. However, Gerald’s subscribers can get into the weeds reading Tends Journal if they are interested in all the details.

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