For four months, we’ve been fed the Fear to wash our hands often and thoroughly and to use sanitizers after opening doors, packages, and most everything we touch.

As the Wall Street Journal reported last week, however, there is now significant epidemiological evidence these measures aren’t necessary: “It’s not common to contract Covid-19 from a contaminated surface, scientists say.”

Yet, this important fact is ignored, and the new ABnormal hand-scrubbing and sanitizer-wiping Fear persists.

Adding more Fear and Hysteria in the sanitizing craze, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned that nine alcohol-based hand sanitizers manufactured by Eskbiochem SA de CV in Mexico contain a toxic substance that could result in death when absorbed through the skin or ingested.

“Consumers who have been exposed to hand sanitizer containing methanol should seek immediate treatment, which is critical for potential reversal of toxic effects of methanol poisoning,” the FDA wrote on Friday.

Clearly more deadly to young people who are not dying from coronavirus, the FDA reported, “Substantial methanol exposure can result in nausea, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, permanent blindness, seizures, coma, permanent damage to the nervous system or death.”

Going back to the WSJ article, it mentioned as well that fleeting encounters with people outdoors are unlikely to spread COVID.

Yet, in our new “United Soviet States of Amerika,” We the Little People are banned from having weddings, funerals, parties, concerts, festivals, conventions, trade shows, etc.

It is “COVID Safe,” however, to have massive, nationwide protests such as Black Live Matter and Juneteenth with people, including the politicians who banned social gatherings and enforce social distancing, such as Pennsylvania Governor Tom “Puppy Dog” Wolf, to march with them.

And, it is barely reported that following these large demonstrations, there have been no reported “surges” in coronavirus cases:

“Virus Are Not Seen After Protests” – WSJ, 19 June 2020

But the citizens of Slavelandia must abide by the rules of mask wearing, social distancing, crowd limits, etc. imposed upon them by the dictators in charge.

In fact, most of the COVID-19 cases in New York City were from homebound, locked-down people. New York Governor Andrew “The Executive Order Commander” Cuomo admitted that 66 percent of those hit by the virus were at home before being admitted to the hospital.

The fact they were locked down and well beyond the official social distancing boundaries is also omitted from the daily “stay safe” and “flatten the curve” media scare barrage.

As for social distancing, numbers made up with no scientific data to support them and which are irrelevant outdoors as wind blows in all directions, Professors Carl Heneghan and Tom Jefferson at the University of Oxford advocated the ending of the British government’s two meter social distancing dictates, which are crippling the economy.

On review of 172 studies cited in the medical journal The Lancet, Professors Heneghan and Jefferson published an article titled, “There’s No Scientific Evidence for COVID Two-Metre Rule.”

Their research shows that “only a handful of the articles actually studied COVID-19, and they showed proximity had no impact.” They also concluded, “Much of the evidence in this current outbreak informing policy is poor quality.”

British companies have been voicing concern to the Boris Johnson government to reduce the required social distance from two meters to one, which they say would significantly help businesses that were forced to shut down to avoid expensive compliance measures when reopening.

Last Tuesday, British retail businesses reported a 41 percent drop in revenues compared to the previous year, and frustrated customers are forced stand and wait two meters apart in long lines outside shops.





  1. Jay Jericho 1 month ago

    This inspiring article is similar to what some champion mothers say about raising their baby and kids. They don’t care if their methods contradicts a published scientific study or guide book. They know what works for them. High protein/low carb diets can make you skinny or fat. Depends what article you believe. A good life lesson.

  2. Philip Zyrski 1 month ago

    My question is that why this COVID-19 is so significant? Why other viruses that were much more deadlier such as Ebola came and went like the wind? Because of the timing. That’s right timing. You see, Gerald Celente’s prediction of the Greatest Depression to ever exist was originally due to happen within the last three months of 2020 or the first three months of 2021 at the latest. When this Greatest Depression come, our politicians would have no answers as to why this Greatest Depression happened? They would have no clue as to why?!?! But we know much better than that! We clearly understand that we never learned anything from the 2008 Great Recession. We also recognize the public, private, corporate, consumer and household debt have been climbing ever since. We realized that the one percent has received 90 percent of the total wealth and income since 2008. We remembered all the protests, riots and demonstrations all over the world due to issues ranging from income / wealth disparities, cronyism, nepotism, political corruption, oppression, crime and violence have plaged peoples lives for a very long time before COVID-19 was ever heard of. We never forgot about the peristent global economic slowdown, which curtailed demand for raw materials and finished goods because nobody had money to spend. COVID-19 has been the most effective distraction and exit excuse our politicians could give to their unwary constituents. We know much better than that!

  3. Mountain Man 1 month ago

    Philip, you broke the code.

  4. smkeeley 1 month ago

    WOLF is history come 2022. Talk about a POS. Another blue state governor out to screw the public. You still cant get a haircut in PA without going to the black market. Jesus H Christ!!!

  5. HandsFree 1 month ago

    Common Sense: People spraying chemicals around their houses and on their bodies, just the way they were conditioned to by the Man and chemical Boys; Why they eat every night in their food. They wash clothing in petroleum based shit.

    ———————–Let us be clear: Clean Air, Water, Food. Then good exercise, good medical and country were the wage helps the people love, live and give

    ———————–These motherfuckers even in camp grounds – walking around with masks: Dumb ass Hogs

    • rodolfogonzalez 1 month ago

      maybe that’s the silver lining in this. Mother nature fights back? Idk, just saying that I enjoy the cleaner air. Especially here in Houston.

  6. DRW 1 month ago

    The unelected dictators are mandating their policies to the elected officials, who rule the populations by decree.

  7. ggoldman2020 1 month ago

    Look I am a big fan of this alt crowd the real issue is balance you would have to be a retard to deny there is a real virus and if you get it and are susceptible your going down big time for weeks’. What the TJ made clear to me is everything else. They never locked down normal people in the history of the world this BS has nothing to do with a virus, our lives have been destroyed by these people I could give sxxx if you wear a diaper on your face in your bedroom I would just think you lived in the West Village, after all we have grown men wearing cotton towels wrapped on their heads Conehead

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