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  1. HandsFree 2 weeks ago

    Always good to hear sanity and truth

    1) The US media is a delusion seller a form of mind fucking and playing on the primal aspects of the human
    2) The Virus is a Ruse and Wealth Transfer as it is a power grab
    3) The Billionaires, know full will that people are waking up to the lie of Democracy and Freedom and that is why the security state and powers – to protect the abuser from the victims

    Gambling House called wall street and bankers — just looters and murders

    The US of the Vaccine to gain power and sicken people as they make profit = monster do exist

    Gold, Silver in world facing annellation environmentally and nuclear war – it all may be like deciding what shoes you should were on sinking ship in the artic

    The world sits on the edge of knife and or if you like we the people are trapped in a cage with psychopath with a knife = politicians and plutocrats

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