The world’s largest cosmetics manufacturer is predicting “a fiesta of make-up and fragrances” once the COVID pandemic subsides, similar to the exuberance of the 1920s that followed World War I, CEO Jean-Paul Agon said in comments quoted by the Financial Times.

“Putting on lipstick” – pointless when everyone is wearing masks – “will be a symbol of returning to life,” he added.

The owner of Maybelline and other global brands announced a fourth-quarter rise in e-commerce and sales in China, softening losses booked earlier in the year as the pandemic raged.

Sales rose 4.8 percent for the period to €7.9 billion, beating analysts' expectation of a 3-percent expansion.

L’Oreal saw its Chinese sales rise 27 percent last year, making Asia – no longer Europe – the company’s second-largest market behind the U.S. 

For 2020, L’Oreal’s net profit dropped 5 percent to €3.8 billion, a loss limited by cuts to marketing and product development as well as general costs.

During 2020, the cosmetics industry shifted its concentration from facial make-up to skincare and general wellness, as contacts among people were drastically curtailed and customers bunkered at home.

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  1. harlow53 2 weeks ago

    Since I am a heterosexual male and a Baptist, I won/t be purchasing lipstick and other cosmetics but I will consider a stock option on GameStop. Oh how weak we mortals be!!!

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