1. LeoA 2 weeks ago

    Another crime orchestrated by the US and NATO. The perps need to be brought to justice for crimes against the people of Libya and their progressive leader Gaddafi.

  2. Philip Zyrski 2 weeks ago

    LIbya achieved the highest standard of living in all of Africa! Libya surpassed, South Africa, Russia and Brazil. Now it’s one of the most dangerous and unlawful places in the world today. Thanks to the U.S. and NATO. So, the next time the West wants to talk about spreading democracy across the Middle East, think about Iraq, LIbya, Egypt and Syria.

  3. vanderV 2 weeks ago

    One cannot convince Americans who read/listen to mainstream media and watch Cable News that Quaddafi, (and Maduro, Kim Jong-Un, Assad, Morales, etc.) is anything other than an evil dictator who deserved his ghastly ending. The propaganda is so strong it even infiltrates Netflix shows in subtle and not so subtle ways. A Netflix show called “The Family” which has to do with the influence of the Christian right on our government, showed a clip of Quaddafi when an interviewee remarked “we meet with some horrible people – dictators and murderers and thieves…” That ruined the show for me, and I didn’t watch much beyond that.

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