New waves of anti-government demonstrations broke out across the country again last week. The protests were a reaction to the continuing plunge of the Lebanese currency, which dropped to a new low. Most Lebanese citizens have lost virtually all means of supporting themselves and their families, and they have . . .

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  1. lvblasiotti 3 weeks ago

    It would not surprise me to find out in the future that these lockdowns around the world were orchestrated by the silent powers that run the world and its government so that the enormous transfer of wealth, which is now taking place, is successful. Look at what has happened in our country. The Fed is transfering enormous amounts of your taxpayers dollars to various entities. The SCAM-DEMIC has enabled that to happen. How could they have gotten away with it without an enormous BLACK SWAN or FALSE FLAG like this totally planed PLAN-SCAM-HOAX-DEMIC. These people don’t work for their money ……they steal it….from you the taxpayer either by direct taxation or by inflation. Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Co., stated that if the American public only knew of the goings on at the Federal Reserve there would be a real revolution overnight, not like the soft revolution we are now experiencing in our cities. WAKE UP AMERICA!

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