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JPMorgan Chase will give all clients asking investment advice, not just the wealthiest, the chance to trade cryptocurrency funds, according to Business Insider.

Although clients have been pressing banks for access to crypto through their accounts, JPMorgan would be the first to grant the request.

The bank’s advisors will not be allowed to recommend investments in crypto but will be able to execute purchases and sales if a client requests them. 

Funds approved by the bank for trades include Bitcoin Cash Trust, Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum Trust, and Osprey Fund Bitcoin Trust, according to an unnamed bank insider cited by BI.

In 2017, JPMorgan CEO James Dimon threatened to fire any bank employee trading in crypto.

Although he has muted his objections to digital currencies, in May he repeated that he is no fan of crypto, in comments cited by BI.

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  1. Rock 1 year ago

    Of course Jamie is not a fan of crypto. His empire will collapse if the masses adopt it.

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