Now in its fourth month, the countrywide demonstrations in which several hundred have been killed and thousands wounded continued this weekend, as hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens took to the streets.

Lacking jobs and basic living standards, and calling for new elections and an end government corruption, the demonstrators . . .

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  1. goedelite 4 weeks ago

    We are contemporaries, Gerald, you and I. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY, went to Brooklyn College, studied physics at NYU, downtown, and finished at U of Md in 1963.
    I enjoy hearing your monologues and am almost always in agreement.

    FDR and “Winnie” were icons in my youth. I have since come to understand their terrible shortcomings. Upper-class character faults. Both were imperialists and both, politicians. So I guess we ought not have expected too much. Great war-time leaders, both. In the 1930s, both put fighting Communism ahead of fighting fascism. They both learned the hard way! Today, US and UK put fighting Russia ahead of fighting fascism again, as in Ukraine.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. louismorin99 4 weeks ago

    The military leader of the Iraqi rebellion was the great ***grandson*** of Muqtada al-Sadr, the popular cleric now leading the anti-American occupation in Iraq.

    “Great grandfather?”

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