1. Jay Jericho 2 weeks ago

    What would be interesting to know, is whether Iran realized nuclear weapons capabilities and if so, to what degree. If they are friends with China, North Korea and Pakistan, probably yes. Who knows in a world of fake news. My personal view is that Iran was always a puppet state of the Venetian mafia Romans. Same flag colors. Red, white, green.

  2. Steve Benn 2 weeks ago

    why cant Venezuela just trade with China? We get everything from China, why wouldnt they. America cant block chinese walmart ships from docking filled to the top with cheap plastic stuff. Venezuela could take out loans from China and not have to worry about the debt in USD. Trade oil to china for stuff.

  3. John Kennedy 2 weeks ago

    Steve, last I read Venezuela had received huge loans from China but last year could no longer even keep up with interest loan payments and China stopped lending them money. Venezuela isn’t only in the soup because of US sanctions, but mostly because Venezuela nationalized the oil companies. Instead of sharing in the oil profits, they decided they would just take over the control of the oil companies, since they thought all the heavy lifting had already been done. They greedily wanted ALL the profits. Trouble is, they cannot keep the oil flowing. Oil rigs breakdown. They have not the talent or good sense to have replacement parts available or the know-how to keep them running 24/7 which is needed to make a profit. So while the Country has more oil than Saudi Arabia, they lose money on every barrel they produce. People there are starving while their leaders still live in luxury. Inflation is so enormous, Maduro lopped off several zeros. Anyone who had any money has already left the country, some 2.3 million people, about 10% of population as I recall. Socialism on display there!

  4. Zenith Trench 2 weeks ago

    Why do people want to moralize everything?
    The strong conquer the weak its the dark true nature of man.

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