While tensions between the United States and Iran have eased somewhat following President Trump’s assassination on 3 January of Iranian general/ number two political leader Qasem Soleimani, Washington has warned more killing of Iranian officials remain a U.S. policy option.

Speaking at the annual Davos meeting in Switzerland . . .

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  1. Joseph 4 weeks ago

    I suspect that there are those in Washington who are determined to have a war with Persia.

  2. harlow53 4 weeks ago

    It appears that there is a disconnect in the brain of anyone elected President of the US because when they were running for office they espoused Peace but when elected, they immediately wanted to prosecute WAR. Look at the latest bravado at the New Jersey rally. Trump said he is creating jobs and killing terrorists. Sounds closely similar to statements of the previous four Presidents.

    He must think I am fool enough to fall for his fraudulent and corrupt rhetoric. The so-called Mideast Peace Plan is probably going to start a renewed fight between the Palestinians and Israel but that gets him the Jewish vote in the halls of Congress and from Jews across America. 80% of Congress and other branches of government are Jewish descent. Is it any wonder why he is such a stalwart supporter of Jewish dogma.

    I’m not voting in the next election! I too Occupy Peace.

    • Peter Tocci 3 weeks ago

      “Disconnect” is not in brain, but in mouth 🙂 Elite puppets will say anything to get elected, paid up front or not.

      But the dominance of the “Jewish” influence in Government has more to do with the fact that the same power hierarchy controls both governments – and GB – comprising the ‘Elite Axis of Evil’ Power wears many faces, religious and otherwise; and you will find many Jews who stand against Zionism and Israeli (Elite) policy. Israel was not created as a home for Jews (cover story), but as a fulcrum for chaos in the region. Since Arabs are a particular target of this, it makes Israel the most anti-Semitic entity on earth.

  3. donaldnovak1 4 weeks ago

    Persia is Iran.

  4. atlantis 4 weeks ago

    Watch Donald Trump show his total subservience to Bibi – and make a fool out of himself – while betraying America.

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