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A new survey of institutions is signaling a big increase in crypto investing in 2022, despite current uncertainties in the market.

According to a recent study by European investment firm Nickel Digital Asset Management, as many as 62 percent of worldwide institutional investors with no current exposure to cryptocurrencies plan to make their first investments in cryptocurrencies within the next year.

The poll questioned 50 wealth managers and institutional investors from the US, Europe and the UAE.

Cointelegraph reported the primary motivation for institutional investors' initial cryptocurrency investment, according to findings, is the potential for long-term capital growth (cited by 47 percent of respondents.)

With corporates and fund managers increasingly investing in cryptocurrencies, a plurality of respondents also noted rising trust in crypto as an asset class.

Because of the better regulatory climate, 41% of respondents said they were ready to invest in crypto for the first time, and 34% said crypto was a suitable inflation hedge.

The Trends Journal reported back in February 2021 that crypto investing was poised for mass adoption, based on user sentiments being gauged at that time (see “ELON MUSK: TECH OUTSIDER?” and “CRYPTO SANITY”).  Crypto Investor numbers doubled between February and August of 2021.

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