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Gerald Celente - Richie Allen Show - July 12, 2018

12 Jul 2018

Donald Trump's visit to Europe and the UK, NATO spending, the stranglehold of the Military Industrial Complex, Russia and Syria, Brexit and much more.

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9 Jul 2018

Gerald Celente - The Real Money Show - July 9, 2018

Gerald discusses what you need to know about Trump’s Trade Wars, whether the US Dollar and Oil will continue higher, & how gold effectively balances a wealth portfolio. Watch

11 Jul 2018

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Gerald Celente founder of the Trends research institute joins us to cover the latest on the economics behind the tariffs as well as an overall look at our economy. Watch

6 Jul 2018

Gerald Celente - Real News with David Knight - July 6, 2018

Trump & Mattis want EU to pay their fare share for NATO. But Gerald Celente looks at what they “accomplished” in Libay, Syria, Afghanistan — destroying those countries and destabilizing Europe. And, what will happen in the “trade war” (that started decades ago, not a midnight last night) Watch

6 Jul 2018

Gerald Celente - Financial Survival Network - July 5, 2018

Gerald is hopeful about Trump's overtures towards North Korea. There was never a point in going to war with the Hermit Kingdom. And the risks were huge. Gerald is concerned about Iran. Everything seems to be working against the Mullahs, hyper-inflation, a youthful population, deteriorating economics. There's no telling what will happen there. However, Trump managed to trick the war mongers on NK and he just might do the same here. Finally, Gerald is going to hold the Operation Peace Festival of Liberty Love Joy and Beauty later this year. Watch

27 Jun 2018

Gerald Celente - King World News - June 27, 2018

CHINA PANIC: 250% Debt/GDP And A Staggering $30 Trillion Of Debt Watch