On 24 September 2019, when it was announced House Speaker Nancy Pelosi initiated the impeachment process against President Donald Trump, Gerald Celente was asked by Daniela Cambone, Editor-in-Chief of Kitco News, how it would unfold.

Celente said impeachment “could possibly happen, but it won’t mean anything because if they impeach Trump then it has to go to the Senate for conviction. It needs a two-thirds Senate vote, and the Senate is controlled by the Republicans, so it’s not going to happen. It’s going to be more of a waste of time, and it’s more of ‘Russiagate’.”

And that’s precisely what happened.

Throughout the tax-payer costly, time-wasted impeachment process, the Democrats kept pumping the propaganda that the Russians were responsible for Hillary Clinton losing the race to the White House because of the Russians and Donald Trump’s ties to Russian President Putin... and because Russia hacked into the Democratic National Committee computers.

Celente called it propaganda because not one shred of evidence was provided to support the Democrats accusations.

Most Americans buy the “hate Russia” propaganda, just as Washington has been brainwashing the public to hate the Iranians.

As for how it will affect the 2020 race for the White House?

The Democrats lost, Trump won, so it increases Trumps odds of winning in November.

And as for cooperation between the two political parties running Congress, it will be more of the same but worse.

The Republicans and Democrats are two gangs: murderers and thieves. They start wars that cost trillions to kill millions based on lies (Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction)… and steal the people’s money in the name of “too big to fail” bailouts, tax-breaks, and dirty deals with individuals, corporations, and industries that pay politicians to pass laws and do deals that will enrich them.

Imbeciles and morons call it “campaign contributions.”

Adults call it “bribes” and “payoffs.”

The battle lines have been drawn. Rob, steal, cheat, lie, launch murderous wars... the political parties will do whatever they can to gain power.

The definition of politician: “a person who acts in a manipulative and devious way, typically to gain advancement within an organization.” 

TRENDPOST: As Gerald Celente has warned from the very beginning of the impeachment process Side Show, “If you tune in and read, watch, and listen to the impeachment charade, you are wasting precious time, since the outcome is etched in stone: the Republican-controlled Senate will not convict Trump.”

Therefore, we minimized the impeachment “news” in the Trends Journal and instead provided subscribers with important current events forming further trends that affect their lives and futures. 

  1. atlantis 5 months ago

    The money these people waste could go to attacking America’s real problems. Alas, Politics today is a Disgrace. There is literally NO-ONE to vote for. Tulsi would be assassinated if she got anywhere near the presidency. Trump’s State of the Union speech was a reality-show farce – and the last 3 minutes was simply delusional. He certainly does remind one of Mussolini – with the out-thrusted jaw! When seeing Pelosi ripping up that speech I inwardly had to applaud: a stupid, arrogant speech like that deserves to be ripped up! But the ripping up was probably done for the wrong reasons – same as the reasons given for impeachment were the wrong reasons.
    All this win-win winning is going to make Trump more belligerent and be elevated even higher on his pedestal, while the “pig without lipstick” (Pompeo) steps up his bullying the world tactics. None of this is good.

  2. alex.c 5 months ago

    This is my 2 cents on US politics of late. I am not an American citizen, I am Swiss and I live in Switzerland. I was made aware by following French politics that Politicians are just a bunch of power hungry weirdos. Same thing in the UK. But for some reason, US politics always appeared to me to be better somehow, more about serving the country and its citizens. Maybe I was biased because I have always loved America, since I was a kid!

    Unfortunately, the past 3 years, and the past week in particular made me realise that American Politicians are just as bad as the others. Unfortunately, in terms of appearance, the US has reached new lows, and I am sad to say that the whole world has been watching.

    These past few years have gotten gradually worse, and I believe that the world has lost a lot of respect for the USA. I do think that the Democrats are mostly responsible, nonetheless the damage in terms of image around the world is severe and difficult it is difficult to evaluate the long term effects.

    If some Americans (I know, not all) want to keep the dollar as the reserve currency, and want others to respect America as the policeman of the world, i’m afraid this political clown show is not going to help at all!

    P.S. If you guys fancy a better way of running your country, I suggest you simply do what we do in Switzerland. You can keep the constitution as it is basically identical to the Swiss one anyway. 😉

  3. IrishHammer 5 months ago

    I am convinced that the Democrats will try to impeach Trump AGAIN before the election. You wait and see.

  4. kmgassoc2018 5 months ago

    Being apolitical I think most politicians are just “in it for the money” However, I must commend Trump and (especially under the pressure that the Dems have put him through) Trump has accomplished more,in his short stint. than any other POTUS I can remember. And funny. the “Cartoon News Network” (et al) NEVER mentions even one! It is sad to see such shallowness
    Might suggest watching BOTH sides of the news?

  5. Dror Ben Ami 5 months ago

    Therefore Gerald, what you are saying is that the police should never arrest criminals because there is a good chance their lawyers will get them off…..

  6. tippylou 5 months ago

    One thing is likely: many attorneys will get rich during this period.

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